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Queen Mary University of London International Business

Queen Mary University of London International Business

International Business

MSc ( 1 year Full-time )





Postgraduate Open AfternoonWe have experienced high demand from students wishing to join the MSc  International Business in September 2017 and now only have a small number of places available. We have therefore decided to introduce an application deadline of Thursday 31st August 2017 (midnight). You are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. We will give equal consideration to all applications received by the deadline.


By exploring the extent and limitations as well as the benefits and risks of globalisation, this programme will enable you to develop a systematic understanding of the globalised environment in which modern businesses and economies must operate.

On this programme, you will develop applied knowledge and reasoning in relation to the economics of globalisation and the resulting challenges to business strategy and management. You will cover a broad range of topics, including the international economy, macroeconomic policy and finance, managerial economics, multinationals and global business – all the while maintaining a focus on the practice of effective research and analytical techniques.

This programme will:

  • Introduce you to the process of globalisation and the implications of globalisation for business firms and their managers
  • Explain how and why the world’s economies differ
  • Present a review of the economies and policies of global trade and investment
  • Examine different strategies that business can adopt to complete in the global marketplace and enter specific foreign markets.

Why study your MSc in International Business at Queen Mary?

The School of Business and Management has built a strong reputation for our distinctive approach, in particular our focus on the interdisciplinary nature of business and management.

We concentrate on developing your communication and presentation skills, as well as your ability to offer insightful analysis and creative thinking. We draw on a long history of human thought, working on the principle that a truly practical business education teaches you to think beyond textbooks, management fads, and memorised formulas for success.

  • This programme is unique in providing insight into the theory, policies and practices in the broad field of international business
  • You will develop effective research and analytical techniques along with an overview of the development of international business
  • Particularly successful graduates will be able to use the qualification as an entry into PhD research.
  • This programme will enhance your career prospects by giving you an understanding of the complexity of similarities and differences in policies and practices of international economy and business.


Our PGT students will have swipe card access to the Innovation Pod, Think Pod, and the QUBE Mac Suite; all located on the Third floor of the Bancroft Building.  The Think Pod is an interactive collaboration space with presentation, recording and video conferencing facilities. The Innovation Pod provides workspaces for individual learning. The QUBE Mac Suite is a workspace for student entrepreneurs providing 27-inch iMac computers with state-of- the art media creation and editing software.

You will have full access to the Business and Management School’s resources including datasets and accounting resources relevant to this programme. You will use QMplus (our online learning environment) to access their reading lists, lecture slides, discussion forums and assessment.  On arrival you will have a bespoke induction programme of activities and dedicated administrative support.

You will have access to the The Learning Resource centre which has 200 networked PCs and is open round the clock with dedicated workstations for postgraduate students.

You will also have access to Queen Mary’s comprehensive libraries, including the Postgraduate Reading Room, and The British Library can also be accessed as a research resource.





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