Queen Mary University of London Housing Services

Queen Mary University of London Housing Services

Queen Mary University of London Housing Services


Using the menu, on these pages you can find information about a variety of commonly asked housing questions.

At QMUL there is a Housing Services department who can help you with a wide range of housing issues, including looking for accommodation (on or off campus), problems with your landlord, issues between tenants, and legal issues. The Housing Advice option on the menu lists a number of common housing questions, and then indicates whether you can get help with that particular issue from Housing Services, or the Advice and Counselling Service, or an external agency, so you know where to direct your query.

If you are currently homeless, please read the section ‘I have a housing emergency – what can I do?’ on the Finding Accommodation page.


Private Accommodation

Housing Services provides advice and guidance on all aspects of renting in the private sector, an online property search, contract reading and arbitration service.

An essential tool to assist you is the comprehensive Private Accommodation Housing Guide, please ensure you read the guide before commencing your search.

To support this Guide we have produced a number of short videos for you that cover; how and when to start looking, inspecting a property, tenancy agreements, deposits and tenancy deposits schemes and repair issues.  You can view the full length video guide or select specific topics that may interest you.  We do  recommend you view the whole guide if you have never rented in the private sector before.  These guides are applicable for students renting a whole vacant house or flat.  If you are thinking of renting just a room in a house share, you may prefer to come to Housing Services for a one-to-one guidance session.

Overseas students should note that you will need to be in the UK before you begin your search, as the accommodation must be inspected and cannot be pre-booked from overseas. We advise booking a temporary place to stay while you complete your search (short stay / hotels / hostels).

Styles of private accommodation include:

Whole vacant flats/houses suitable for couples, families or groups of student sharers who wish to live together having exclusive use of all the facilities, rooms/bedsits suitable for individuals who do not form part of a group but share the kitchen and bathroom facilities with other tenants or the owner occupier, or lodging with a landlord and his/her family.

Other types of accommodation include hostels, home stay accommodation or independently built private halls of residence.

Please feel free to pop in and speak to one of the Housing Advisors if you have any questions regarding how to find private housing, require your contract to be checked or are having any problems during your stay in the private sector.  We are here to help.



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