Queen Mary University of London Grades

Queen Mary University of London Grades

Queen Mary University of London Grades

Academic Information

Timeline and academic credits

The QMUL academic year is divided into two twelve-week teaching semesters (autumn semester: mid-September to mid-December and spring semester: January to March) and a six-week examination term (May to mid-June). For full details, please see the academic calendar.

Erasmus+ students who attend QMUL during the spring semester (whether they are here for the full year or for that semester only) are required to be present during the exam term if their classes are assessed by examination.

At QMUL modules are normally worth 15 credits per semester, though there are some worth 30 credits. Erasmus+ students normally take 60 credits a semester, or a total of 120 credits for a full year. 60 QMUL credits are equivalent to 30 ECTS credits (120 QMUL credits = 60 ECTS).


Assessment methods vary across modules and disciplines, and can include essays, problem sets, tests, presentations, projects and exams. Students studying at QMUL for the full year or the spring semester only will be assessed in the same way and at the same time as regular QMUL students. This may include an examination during the May/June exam period. The examination timetable is not usually published until the last week of the spring semester; if your module is assessed by examination you should not make any arrangements for returning home before you know the dates of any examinations.

As there is no formal examination period at the end of the autumn semester; if you are here for that semester only you will be assessed by what is termed alternative assessment. In some cases this will be by a written examination but more often by additional module papers/essays.

Grades and transcripts

On your academic transcript, each module will display a percentage mark (to one decimal place) and a module grade. QMUL uses a number of mark schemes for different awards and different levels and although many of the grades are the same, there are differences between the qualifying pass marks for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Please see the appropriate mark scheme. The transcript will be send to your home institution, you should check with them to find out how they translate grades into their own system.

Transcripts for students leaving December are released in February. Transcripts for all other students are released in July.

Choosing modules

Erasmus+ students can only choose modules from within their host school/department at QMUL. When selecting modules, you should check that you meet the requirements of your home institution – it is your responsibility to ensure that you will receive full credit for the modules you take at QMUL.

You can pre-register for modules from mid-June if you application reaches us by 1 June. Your module choices will normally be confirmed within a month of your pre-selection. Once your pre-selection is confirmed you will be asked to send your learning agreements. Students will have the opportunity to add/change/drop modules once you arrive at QMUL. Please note that module allocations for Erasmus+ students are made on a first come first served basis, it is recommend that you pre-register for your modules as soon as this is possible.

Module directory

For further information about QMUL modules, including details of the different subject areas you can study and a full listing of all modules on offer please check the Online Module Directory.

Please read the guidance notes on the page. When searching for modules please click on you host school at QMUL and click yes for associate (=Erasmus) student. The directory is updated in April for the following academic year.

Linguistic support

Our Language Centre offers a wide range of in-sessional modules which help you to maximise your performance at university and improve the quality of your academic assignments. If English is not your first language, these modules are suitable for you.

Some modules are credit-bearing; other modules are non-credit bearing and either develop your general academic skills or develop your skills in relation to a specific subject area. All modules focus on English for academic purposes and include: writing for your discipline, English grammar, proofreading skills, presentation skills and lecture comprehension.

For more information please visit the Language centre.





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