Queen Mary University of London Fees for International Students

Queen Mary University of London Fees for International Students

Queen Mary University of London Fees for International Students

International students tuition fees for 2017-18

Like all universities in the UK, Queen Mary charges two different rates of tuition fees, known as the Home/EU rate and the Overseas rate.  International students from outside the EU are generally charged the Overseas rate, which is higher, as no Government subsidy is given to universities for international students to help meet the cost of their education. To help you understand how your tuition fee status is assessed please take a look at the following explanation: www.welfare.qmul.ac.uk/money/feestatus.

If your programme lasts more than one year, the fees you are charged in your second and later years will increase each year in line with inflation. If you started your programme in 2016-17 or earlier, your fees will increase by 2.8% for 2017-18.

Tuition fees

Download a full schedule of tuition fees for both new and continuing students, broken down by faculty and school/institute:

Tuition fees for undergraduate courses 2017-18 [PDF 510 KB] Updated document UPDATED 23/08/17
Tuition fees for research degrees 2017-18 [PDF 366 KB] Updated document UPDATED 24/01/17

You can also consult our 2016-17 tuition fees.

Continuing students

If your programme lasts more than one year and you started your programme at QMUL in 2016-17 or earlier, you will generally be charged an inflationary increase of 2.8% for 2017-18. There are certain exceptions, however, when fees may increase more than the rate of inflation, such as for students returning from a period of interruption, students progressing from Year 0 to Year 1 in an undergraduate degree with an integrated foundation year and medical/dental students progressing from the non-clinical to clinical years of their programme.

When the inflationary increase is applied, fees are generally rounded up to the nearest £10 or £50.

Additional fees

Some courses include compulsory field trips, the cost of which is additional to tuition fees. You will be notified of any additional fees with your offer of admission.

Tuition fee discounts

Prompt payment

Self-funded overseas students whose tuition fees are £7,500 or higher will receive a 1% discount if they pay their fees in full before or at enrolment. If you have been offered a scholarship by the College, the 1% reduction will apply to the tuition fees payable after the scholarship is deducted.

Deposits and payment of tuition fees

Find out more about payment of deposits and how to pay your tuition fees.

Financial planning

Undertaking a degree course over a number of years involves careful financial planning. During this period prices are likely to rise and you must allow for this when planning your finances. Our Advice and Counselling Service can offer financial advice to International students.