Professor N. Peake University of Cambridge UK

Professor N. Peake University of Cambridge UK

Professor N. Peake

Professor Nigel Peake


  • 2015- Head of DAMTP.
  • 2003- Professor of Applied Mathematics.
  • 2000-2003 Reader in Fluid Mechanics.
  • 1994-2000 University Lecturer, joint between DAMTP and Cambridge University Engineering Department.
  • 1992-95 Royal Society University Research Fellow.
  • 1990- Fellow, Emmanuel College, Cambridge (Supernumerary Fellow 1990-93, Official Fellow 1993-2003, Professorial Fellow 2003- ).

 Professor N. Peake University of Cambridge UK, Research

The aeroacoustics of turbomachinery and jets, hydroacoustics, stability of aerodynamics flows, vortex breakdown, structural vibration, fluid-structure interactions.

Selected Publications


  • Clark I.A., Daly C.A., Devenport W., Alexander N.,  Peake N. , Jaworski J.W.  & Glegg S. 2016  Bio-inspired canopies for the reduction of roughness noise J. Sound Vib.,  10.1016/j.jsv.2016.08.027
  •  Nielsen, R. B. &  Peake, N 2016 Tunnelling effects for acoustic waves in slowly varying axisymmetric flow ducts.   J. Sound Vib.,  380, 180–191.
  •  Ayton, L. J.; Gill, J. R.  &  Peake, N. 2016 The importance of the unsteady Kutta condition when modelling gust-aerofoil interaction.  J. Sound Vib.,  378, 28–37.
  •   Morsbol, J. O.; Sorokin, S. V.; Peake, N. 2016 A WKB approximation of elastic waves travelling on a shell of revolution. J. Sound Vib.,  375, 162–186.
  •  Ayton L.J. & Peake N. 2016   Interaction of turbulence with the leading-edge stagnation point of a thin aerofoil  J. Fluid Mech., 798 , 436 – 456.
  •   Daly C.A.  and Peake N.  2015 Non-modal instability of annular Poiseuille–Couette flow. European  Journal of Mechanics,  B, 53, 148–159.
  •  Ayton L.J. & Peake N. 2015  On high-frequency sound generated by gust-aerofoil interaction in shear flow.     J. Fluid Mech., 766 , 297 – 325.