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Professor John J Monaghan University Of Edinburgh

John J Monaghan University Of Edinburgh

Professor of Mathematics Education

I worked as a school teacher for ten years before coming to the University of Leeds in 1989.

Research Interests

My main work interest is mathematics education. My special interest is learning and teaching mathematics at the 11-21 year old level.

Going down the specialism tree, my interests focus on algebra and calculus, linking school mathematics to out-of-school activities and the use of new technology (ICT as it is now known in the UK).

With regard to ICT, I am really interested in ICT tools especially spreadsheets, graphic packages and calculators, interactive geometry and computer algebra systems.

I am not really interested in ‘teaching machines’ as I place a great deal of importance on teachers in ICT environments. I am also very interested in tool use in mathematics (any tools, and tools in general).

My work at Leeds involves …

  • PGCE Secondary Mathematics
  • Undergraduate mathematics education courses
  • Masters degrees in mathematics education
  • Doctoral supervision
  • Research Projects

I enjoy all of these aspects of my work and do not rate one above another; they are simply different and this variation helps me enjoy my work.

Professional Associations

Journal involvement

Key Publications

Journal articles

  • Avraamidou A, Monaghan J, Walker A, ‘Abstraction through game play’, Technology, Knowledge and Learning, 17.1-2 (2012), 1-21
    DOI: 10.1007/s10758-012-9189-2

  • Bingolbali E, Monaghan J, ‘Concept image revisted’, Educational Studies in Mathematics, ed. by Dreyfus T, 68.1 (2008), 19-35
    DOI: 10.1007/s1064900791122