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Plymouth University Maths Year 7

The Mathematics Enrichment Programme with Plymouth University

The Mathematics Enrichment Programme run by Jenny Sharp started at Plymouth in 1996 with the first Mathematics Masterclasses for year 9 students and since then it has grown into a complete programme for students aged 9 to 15 who are able and interested in mathematics. The aim of the programme is to provide enrichment activities for students (and schools) with the aim of keeping the students able and interested in mathematics.

Whatever the age group, the aim is the same – to stretch and inspire the able mathematician. During our activities the students are among like minded young people all of similar ability. The mathematics covered are usually different from that met in school, either applications or simply ‘pure’ mathematics. Students begin to see the breadth of mathematics and so their enthusiasm for the subject is maintained.

All schools within traveling distance are invited to attend the events, if your school does not receive information about the programme and would like to be added to the mailing list please contact Jenny Sharp

Primary Masterclass Programme

The Primary Masterclasses are for year 5 students and year 6 pupils who show an interest or aptitude in mathematics. They provide an opportunity for the students to meet and work with like minded youngsters in an out of school environment. The Year 5 days are run in the Spring Term and the Year 6 days in the Summer Term.

The year 5 masterclass is ‘Tactics and Strategies – Talking, Thinking and Doing Mathematics’. The aims of the day are to encourage collaboration through talking and doing mathematics together, encourage the pupils to explain their reasoning and to stretch the most able, in a challenging but fun environment.

Each group of pupils are accompanied by a teacher or TA from their school and the day is a source of CPD for them as they join in the talking, thinking and doing mathematics.

Feedback from the staff who attended the 2017 courses included:

      • It was great that the children were challenged all through the day
      • It allowed the children time to think and work it out in their own time, I wish we had more time at school to allow them to think
      • It made ME realise how much fun maths can be!
      • The variety of activities was great and stretched the children in different ways, as a TA I found it very useful too.
      • The children were given the opportunity to reason and explain why something was wrong
      • It allowed interaction between pupils and staff from other schools
      • The day really challenged them and gave them plenty of time to discuss things, sometimes we rush them too much at school.
      • There is nothing so valuable as hands on learning and being taught by someone absolutely passionate about their subject, I think teachers are missing a trick – it was a great way to teach maths.
      • Thank you for a terrific day last week. We all learned some new skills, techniques and sharpened our problem-solving abilities; The feedback from the children has been excellent from a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
      • They had an amazing time and we’re still buzzing today!
    • For details of this year’s events for years 5 and 6 please see the

Events Page

Secondary Masterclass Programme

The Secondary Masterclass Programme is for students in years 7, 8, 9 and 10. Again they provide an opportunity for the students to meet and work with like minded youngsters in an out of school environment.

The Year 7 Masterclasses are run in the Spring term and the Year 8 masterclasses are run in the Autumn term.

The Year 9 Masterclasses are part of a nationwide programme in association with the Royal Institution of Great Britain and they run on Saturday mornings in the Spring Term. There is a follow up Year 9 day in June – the South West Masterclass Event for those students who attended the Plymouth, Exeter and Truro series.

The final event in the Secondary Masterclass programme is a three day residential course for the Year 10 students who attended the Plymouth and Truro Masterclass series the previous year.

For details of this year’s events please see the Events Page.

Bespoke activities for schools

In addition to planned events it is possible to run sessions for individual schools and other masterclass programmes. These range from an hours after school club activity to a 2 hour masterclass activity to a whole day workshop. They can be held at the University (room availability permitting) or on your school.  For further details please contact Jenny Sharp

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