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Study rooms (Library)

Library Room Booking System

There are a limited number of study rooms available for use by students and staff located on all floors of the library.

All rooms are equipped with a university networked PC. Selected group rooms additionally have an LCD presentation screen and/or a whiteboard. See table.

Room No. Capacity Equipment Level
009 12 people PC / Whiteboard / LCD presentation screen 0
010 4 people PC / Whiteboard /LCD  presentation screen 0
011 – 014 2 people PC 0
108 8 people PC / Whiteboard 1
109 – 113 4 people PC / Whiteboard 1
205 6 people PC / Whiteboard / LCD presentation  screen 2
206 – 207 4 people PC / Whiteboard 2
208 – 213 2 people PC 2
302, 303, 307 1 person PC / Whiteboard 3

Please note from 07:00 – 08:00 the rooms are closed for cleaning.

Room Bookings home page

You can access the library study room booking system by following the link on Primo (library catalogue) or the Library homepage. On the room bookings homepage you can:

  • make a booking
  • view your existing bookings
  • cancel bookings

Book a room

  • Enter your University username and password and click ‘Log in’
  • Select a date and room type from the drop down menus
  • Select the hour slots you require (unavailable slots show as ‘booked’) and click ‘confirm’. If you are booking more than 1 hour, ‘OK’ each hour slot you want and then click on ‘confirm’. This is regarded as a block booking.
  • Details of your booking(s) will be displayed together with the unique PIN you will need to access the room. You will have a PIN for an hourly or block booking. Please make a note of this number.
  • A confirmation email will be sent with the PIN. You will receive the email from Telepen not Plymouth University. Please note; the email will be sent to the email address that you have registered with your school.
  • Click ‘Another booking’ to return to the home page or ‘log out’ if you have finished