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Plymouth University Hardship Fund

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties there are a variety of bursaries and funds available to you, either directly through Plymouth University or partner organisations.

You’ll find information on this page about:

  • the Summer Support Fund 2017
  • the Financial Support Fund 2016/17
  • the What Just Happened Fund
  • the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) access agreements
  • the Helena Kennedy Foundation
  • The Mayflower Award, 2017 entry
  • Young Adult Carers Award 2017.

Summer Support Fund (SSF) 2017
Guidance for application

What is the Summer Support Fund (SSF)?
The Summer Support Fund can provide basic assistance for students who are unable to work during the summer period (up until the end of August) for reasons of either health, personal, or course related restrictions, and forms part of the University of Plymouth Financial Support Fund.

There is a finite amount of money in the Summer Support Fund Budget and awards where made are intended to form a contribution toward costs, therefore should not be considered as a main source of income nor relied upon or anticipated in advance. Once available funds are exhausted, no further applications can be considered.

Who can apply?
Essential criteria – you must meet all of these:

  • You are a full-time undergraduate.
  • You have ‘home’ status.
  • Your tuition fees for the year are paid in full.
  • You are in receipt of the full entitlement of a Maintenance Loan.
  • You must have used up all available credit (this includes your overdraft) and this must be visible on your bank statement.

Qualifying categories – you must be in at least one of these:

  • A student who has dependents under the age of 14 and who have applied for all benefit entitlement. Before contacting us, we will expect that you have already liaised with UPSU Advice for a benefit check to ensure that you are getting your full entitlement and provide evidence of this outcome. UPSU Advice contact details: 01752 588373 /
  • A student who is ill or has a disability and are therefore unable to undertake work, and for whom other benefits are not available. You will need to provide documentary evidence from your doctor or the hospital that states you are unfit to work for a specified period.
  • A student who is the primary and recognised carer of a disabled or seriously ill person.
  • A student on an integral (not voluntary) placement throughout the summer vacation, who has no other income source once the Maintenance Loan has been exhausted. 2016-17 applications to the Financial Support Fund will be taken into account, and included in our calculation.
  • A student who is unexpectedly required to resubmit elements of their course either in or out of attendance across the summer, where this prevents them from seeking work. Please note that assistance may be limited to four weeks.
  • A Care Leaver or Estranged Student. You must evidence any housing or living cost support from a Local Authority, and outline why you are unable to support yourself.

You are not eligible to apply for the fund if:

  • You are a final-year student.
  • You are a non-final year student who is simply unable to find work and does not fall within one of the categories above.
  • It is assumed that postgraduate students have made realistic provision for their studies and the cost of living throughout the summer period and are therefore not expected to apply.
  • You are an EU or international student.

How to apply
Application forms will be available from 5 June 2017. Please e-mail for a form or call in to the Student Funding Unit on the 4th Floor, Nancy Astor Building. Our opening times are 9.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday.You will be required to provide photocopies of the following documents to support your application. Please note that we will be unable to complete our assessment if you have failed to provide all of those relevant to your personal circumstances so please take time to check that you have done this before submitting your application.

  • One full month’s up to date online bank statement for each bank account that you have (including partner’s if applicable). If you do not bank online then please provide the most up to date postal statement you have along with an over the counter printout from your bank, dated for the day you submit your application. A balance of account will not be acceptable.
  • Recent credit card statement if you have one.
  • Full documentation to support the situation you have told us about in your application.
  • Evidence of any benefits you are currently receiving, e.g. income support.
  • Evidence of your student finance for 2016-2017 – SFE, NHS, CDL, PGL etc.
  • Evidence of Child Tax Credit and Maintenance payments if applicable.
  • Evidence of any other income.
  • Evidence of rent/mortgage (tenancy agreement or mortgage statement) and highlight your payments on copies of your bank statement.
  • Evidence in writing from your faculty confirming your repeat/resubmission/exam retakes.
  • If you are applying because you are unable to work due to a medical condition, it is essential that you provide either a fit note which indicates a period of incapacity, or a letter from your doctor or the hospital to confirm that this prevents you from working.
  • If you are a Care Leaver, evidence of any support you currently received from a local authority.

How will you know if you have been successful?
Application outcomes are sent to your Plymouth University student email account within ten working days from receipt, on the proviso that all required documents are provided at time of application.Payment of awards will be made directly into your designated bank account, although in some circumstances and dependent on the amount, it may be issued in cash.