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Welcome to Residence Life – here at Plymouth University, we want to make your transition to University life as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Moving away from home can be a daunting experience and our Residence Life Team are here to help you every step of the way. We want you to enjoy living and studying in Plymouth, build life-long friendships and feel fully supported during your time with us.

We offer a great variety of halls of residence to choose from, all of which offer a safe and friendly environment, are close to our main campus, near city centre amenities and situated in one of the South West’s most vibrant coastal locations.

Living in halls is an exciting, life-changing experience and we are looking forward to welcoming you to your new home.

Clearing accommodation

“Find your place with Plymouth University through Clearing and receive University guaranteed accommodation.”

Take a look at our private halls and houses.

We understand how important finding the right accommodation is for our students, so we’re here to help find the best option for you. University managed hall rooms are subject to availability, but we have secured a range of halls and private housing for students coming through Clearing. Our dedicated Residence Life and Student Accommodation team are able to advise you on all the choices available.

Clearing accommodation options

University managed halls of residence

Some rooms will become available in our University managed halls of residence and there is a full process of how you can apply for one of these rooms on our website

Private halls of residence

This year we have secured extra rooms for students that come through clearing in some of the city’s private halls of residence. These are all close to the campus and you would be living with other students studying in Plymouth. Find out more about our private halls.

Private accommodation

Plymouth Studentpad is our dedicated list of approved off-campus private accommodation. This is the only database approved and inspected by the University for quality and safety and so is a good alternative to halls of residence.

Prices for the 2017-18 academic year

Our halls of residence are listed below by room type, price per week and annualised amount.

All contract lengths are 41 weeks excluding medical, dentistry and full year international students where the contract length is 42 weeks.

Halls on campus

Francis Drake

  • En suite​: £142.91/week, annualised amount £5,859.31 
  • Large en suite​: £155.64/week, annualised amount £6,381.24
  • Three bed flat: £155.64/week (per room), annualised amount £6,381.24
  • Large studio​: £164.08/week, annualised amount £6,727.28


  • Interior: £97.30/week, annualised amount £3,989.30
  • Standard: £99.47/week, annualised amount £4,078.27

Mary Newman

  • En suite: £141.20/week, annualised amount £5,789.20
  • Large en suite: £145.40/week, annualised amount £5,961.40
  • Extra large en suite: £153.77/week, annualised amount £6,304.57


  • En suite: £136.71/week, annualised amount £5,605.11
  • Large en suite: £143.85/week, annualised amount £5,897.85
  • Superior en suite: £148.96/week, annualised amount £6,107.36
  • Special en suite: £158.13/week, annualised amount £6,483.33


  • En suite: £136.71/week, annualised amount £5,605.11
  • Superior en suite: £148.96/week, annualised amount £6,107.36
  • Special en suite: £158.13/week, annualised amount £6,483.33


  • Interior: £98.98/week, annualised amount £4,058.18
  • Standard: £104.09/week, annualised amount £4,267.69
  • En suite: £126.49/week, annualised amount £5,186.09
  • Flat (one bed): £155.05/week, annualised amount £6,357.05

Halls within walking distance

Central Point

  • En suite: £140.00/week, annualised amount £5,740.00

Discovery Heights

  • En suite: £135.00/week, annualised amount £5,535.00
  • Studio: £155.00/week, annualised amount £6,355.00

Frobisher House

  • En suite small: £149.00/week, annualised amount £6,109.00
  • En suite: £154.00/week, annualised amount £6,314.00
  • Large en suite: £156.00/week, annualised amount £6,396.00
  • Studio: £168.00/week, annualised amount £6,888.00

St Teresa House

  • Standard: £115.00/week, annualised amount £4,715.00
  • Studio: £145.00/week, annualised amount £5,945.00

St Thomas Court

  • En suite: £135.00/week, annualised amount £5,535.00
  • Studio: £155.00/week, annualised amount £6,355.00

The Old Dairy

  • Classic en suite: £155.00/week, annualised amount £6,355.00
  • Premium en suite: £160.00/week, annualised amount £6,560.00
It is important that you check the length of your contract before signing your licence agreement as you will be responsible for paying for the total duration. *The annualised amounts shown above are for 41 week contracts.

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