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Parking For University Of Cumbria

Parking For University Of Cumbria

Pay and display parking is available for students, staff and visitors without a parking permit. Please see the table below for prices.

Pay-and-display parking charges
Length of timePrice
0-2 hours£1.00
2-4 hours£1.60
4-8 hours£2.40
8-10 hours£3.20

Parking permits

Visitors (including open days, course interviews and conferences)

Open day attendees, course interview candidates, conference delegates and other visitors should be provided with parking information and permits by their hosts.

This will involve either a dedicated visitors parking area, supply of a visitors’ parking permit, or use of pay-and-display. Visitors’ parking permits might be provided in advance or arrangements made for their collection on arrival.

Unless a dedicated visitors’ parking area has been provided, visitors’ parking permits are valid in any non-allocated parking space.

Where an area is designated for visitors parking, staff and students with a parking permit or pay and display ticket must not park there.

For the avoidance of doubt, the following definitions are used in deciding eligibility:

  • ‘Bona fide’ visitors are people who have been invited to the university and are not being paid. This includes people who are paying to attend an event but who are not students. This would include open days, conference delegates and registration events.
  • Contractors and consultants are regarded as permanent employees for parking purposes. This means that they would need to use pay and display parking or purchase a twelve week or annual parking permit.


Student parking permit charges
Permit typePrices
On-campus (non-residential and placement* car users only)£64.00
Williamson Park (off-campus)£32.00
Car Share£33.00
12-week permits£25.50
Zero VED permit50% discount on any of the above prices

On-campus parking

There is limited car parking space on site. With the exception of students who use their own car to get to their placements, residential students are not permitted to park on campus during the hours of 8.00 am and 6.00 pm Monday to Friday except by purchasing a Pay and Display ticket. On campus parking is available for residential students outside of these hours and at weekends provided that their vehicles are removed from campus by 8.00 am each weekday morning.