Oxford Brookes University Values

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Mission and Vision

The Oxford School of Hospitality Management is one of two interrelated areas, along with the Business School, which make up the Faculty of Business. As such the Oxford School of Hospitality Management contributes to the university mission and vision and the faculty mission, vision, values and strategic goals.

1. Oxford Brookes University

1.1 Mission

Oxford Brookes University will contribute to the intellectual, social and economic development of the communities it serves through teaching, research and enterprise of the highest standards.

1.2 Vision

Oxford Brookes University will provide an exceptional, student-centred experience which is based on both internationally significant research and pedagogic best practice. We will build on a tradition of distinction in academic, professional and social engagement to enhance our reputation as a university which educates citizens for lives of consequence.

2. The Faculty of Business

As an integral component of the University, the Faculty of Business will play a pivotal role in leading on initiatives to deliver the Oxford Brookes’ mission and vision.

2.1 Mission

The Faculty of Business is committed to maximising the intellectual, social and economic potential of all the individuals and communities it serves through outstanding teaching, research and enterprise activity informed by fundamental principles of responsible management.

2.2 Vision

The Faculty of Business will provide a dynamic learning and research-informed environment in which we will critically engage with students, colleagues and other stakeholders. We will develop leaders able to make effective and responsible contributions to their own business and wider communities. We will continue to build on our reputation as a trusted, pioneering and innovative partner of choice to develop lasting and transformative relationships throughout the world. We are ambitious in our pursuit of an unrivalled student experience. Within the next five years we aim to rise at least 10 places in the league table rankings for our subject disciplines and over the next ten years we aim to be ‘Triple Crown’ accredited (EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA).

2.3 Values

The Faculty of Business will uphold the following University values:

  • Excellence – delivering the highest standards and rewarding excellence
  • Innovation – developing and incorporating new ideas and ways of operating
  • Enterprise – being resourceful, entrepreneurial and nurturing talent
  • Equality – promoting inclusivity and valuing diversity
  • Social responsibility – ensuring the understanding and care of people and stewardship of environmental and public resources.

We believe that in the development of individual potential and leadership we make our greatest contribution to society. By being research informed, we lay value on critical engagement and robust analysis. Whether through individual or organisational engagement, we insist that all aspects of our activity should be sustainable and responsible wherever it is deployed throughout the world.

Equality, inclusivity and the celebration of diversity are a foundation for all that we do and are given expression in our wholehearted commitment to the quality of the student experience. We will continue to enhance the value of our social as well as educational mission.

Staff are equally central to our commitment to the quality of the student experience and to our commitment to society. We trust and respect each other as equals and have confidence in our colleagues’ professional ability to achieve the Faculty’s ambitions. As part of this strategy we are continually developing new state-of-the-art facilities for staff and students alike, embodied in our planned premises at the heart of the University.

Empowerment, transparency and trust underpin all of the Faculty of Business’s internal and external relationships and all staff are given the scope to practice and excel in their area of competency. The environment of the Faculty is characterised by active facilitation, co-ordination and co-operation to achieve academic excellence. We will deploy our knowledge and skills in coaching individuals to support our activities where appropriate.

2.4 Strategic Goals

  • To provide a student experience of the highest standard.
  • To be a research intensive Faculty, committed to knowledge generation, transfer and commercialisation.
  • To be a recognised and respected member of the international community of Business Schools contributing to national and global agendas.
  • To deliver our programmes and services through a sector-leading, high-quality sustainable and cost-effective infrastructure.