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Students from the USA have been coming to Oxford Brookes for many years and we currently have 101 American students enrolled at the University.

We are one of the UK’s leading modern universities, and with our innovative teaching methods and the support we offer our students you will achieve results that are internationally respected and a degree that will open doors in the global employment market.

Our American students enjoy a wide range of subjects at the University, including Primate Conservation, Publishing, English Studies, Motorsport Engineering and History. We also have several American students study a foundation or pre-master’s course as preparation for a degree course.

Study Abroad

We welcome American students who wish to come for one or two semesters on our  Study Abroad programme.

What our students say


Oxford Brookes has representatives all around the world who can advise you about study options at the University and can help you fill in an application form free of charge.

The British Council also has offices worldwide to help you find out more about Oxford Brookes and how to apply to the University.

Academic Studies Abroad
16 Cohasset Street
MA 02131
(1) 888 845 4272
For study abroad applicants only.