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International Hotel and Tourism Management


This specialist MSc course develops ambitious students to become future leaders of the hospitality and tourism industry. Successful applicants will normally have a bachelor’s degree in business, hospitality, or tourism management and a minimum of one year’s relevant work experience.

You will build on your previous studies and work experience by developing your ability to think strategically across core management disciplines. You will have the opportunity to specialise in your chosen area. Our unique Bacchus Mentoring Programme gives you one-to-one support from a senior professional, who will help you to develop your professional skills and advise you on your future career. This is one of the many opportunities resulting from the strong relationships that the school has with industry professionals worldwide.

If you apply for the sandwich mode, you will undertake a one-year paid work placement, after completing the taught part of the course. You will be fully supported in finding a placement and supervised throughout.

Course details

The following modules build on your previous learning and work experience. You will develop a deeper understanding of the complexity of international hotel management in today’s turbulent environment.

You can view the course structures here: 

Strategic Financial Management: You will focus on the use of financial information for managerial decision making in the international hotel, events and tourism industries. You will study the key financial issues impacting on managerial decision-making in planning for profit and managing assets. You will explore the financial implications of current developments affecting the management of hotels, events and tourism businesses.

Managing People Across Cultures: You will become familiar with a range of practical approaches for the management of people in contemporary service organisations. You will learn how to assess the international hotel and tourism environment, and how to make judgements about the most appropriate human resource management approaches to adopt in different situations. You will increase your awareness of issues that need to be considered when companies decide to expand beyond their domestic market. You will learn how to develop a human resource strategy for a hospitality company’s expansion into a new country.

Marketing Across Cultures: You will look at the concept of marketing within an international hotel and tourism context. You will analyse the strategies of international hotel and tourism companies. The emphasis is on the cultural differences and similarities that international hospitality/tourism operators have to understand to develop effective global marketing strategies. The assessment may involve a country market analysis, designing your own brand and developing market entry strategies for an international expansion programme.

Corporate Governance and Risk Management in Tourism: You will learn about good corporate governance and risk management in a dynamic tourism environment. In a group you will research the historic and current business context and corporate governance of a company of your choice in the international tourism industry. You will assess its governance and performance, evaluate the risks it faces in a global context and make recommendations on the strategies the company should follow to achieve its business objectives. You will become a more global strategic thinker and able to identify and respond to factors that threaten the achievement of a company’s strategic objectives.

Contemporary Issues in International Hospitality, Events and Tourism Management: You will identify a research topic from a wide range of areas including: accounting, branding, climate change, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, environmental issues, events, finance, human resources, marketing, risk management, revenue management, social media, and tourist consumer behaviour – as applied to the international hospitality, events and tourism sector. You will research your chosen subject area, critically analyse the literature and theory, and write an article suitable for publication in an academic journal. You will work on your own with the support of a specialist tutor.

Research Methods: You will be introduced to approaches, methodologies and resources available to improve your researching capabilities. You will design the methodology for a research project that helps you understand how to collect and analyse the data required for writing your dissertation.

Dissertation: The dissertation is an opportunity for you to investigate a topic in depth from multiple perspectives, working independently and supervised by a specialist tutor. You choose the hospitality, events or tourism management topic which you wish to study. This can be the same topic as in your Contemporary Issues module or a different subject area.

By writing the dissertation you will develop your ability to critically review literature, identify the gaps in current knowledge and practise relevant research skills to facilitate data collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation.