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Credit transfer

If you have already completed a higher education level qualification you may be able to transfer this to one of our undergraduate courses.

We recognise credit awarded by other higher education institutions and if you have successfully completed a higher education course in your home country then your studies may count towards an Oxford Brookes University degree, shortening your study time in the UK.

The amount of credit transferred varies depending on the level and amount you have studied. Each application is looked at individually, matching the courses you have already taken with your chosen programme here at Oxford Brookes, so you must provide information about the modules you have taken, along with a full transcript of your qualifications.

Typically we give credit for:

  • Open University courses
  • a Certificate or Diploma of Higher Education
  • A Higher National Certificate (HNC) or Diploma (HND)
  • part of a British degree course
  • a university degree from another country

More information on some of our credit entry courses can be found on our website:

Business courses

Information for second or final year entry on to our Business School courses.

Hospitality courses

Information for third and final year entry on to our Oxford School of Hospitality Management courses.

Engineering courses

Information for second and final year entry on to our Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences courses.