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Our Moodle coders and helping others

This question came through to Moodle forums from Wilberforce Sixth Form College:

“We would like to add a Student Voice Feedback activity to every one of our Moodle courses. Does anyone know of a way to do this in bulk, either programmatically or SQL etc?”

Peter Andrew from our Student Experience team in Information Systems was able to share some code he had written to create a plugin that allows deploying of generic content across many Moodle courses in a fast and reliable manner, which otherwise would need to be done one by one in individual courses.

Wilberforce College were grateful:

“Just wanted to say thanks once again. I’ve just successfully deployed a Student Voice feedback activity to 81 courses and the responses are already starting to roll in from the students. You have saved me (and the college) a HUGE amount of time! We can finally move from our paper (yes paper!!) surveys of students.”  Chris Pratt, eLearning and Software Development Manager, Wilberforce Sixth Form College.

This isn’t the first time we have shared code with others – we have lots of open source code published: https://github.com/OBU-OBIS

Kings College London are using this one: https://github.com/OBU-OBIS/moodle-local_manualrollover
It controls rolling content, like Activities, from one version of a course to another, e.g. when moving over to new Semesters.