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We have a number of mentoring schemes which help Oxford’s young people achieve their potential at school and beyond.

Mentoring for year 12 & 13 pupils with Autistic Spectrum Condition

We offer mentoring support to pupils studying for A Levels or BTECs with Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC).

Brookes’ students provide one-to-one mentoring to pupils with ASC with the aim of helping them make the transition from school / college to university.

If you are interested in mentoring happening at your school, or becoming a mentor, please feel free to contact the team for further discussions.

Oxford Brookes Year 11 Revision Day, April 10 2017

Oxford Brookes University is holding a free Revision Day at our Headington Hill Campus on April 10th 2017. This day will include a range of sessions for Year 11 students, showing you revision techniques to help you get the best out of yourself during your GCSE’s. During the day, you will be joined by Elevate Learning who will run workshops on study skills and GCSE tips. The session will run from 9:30 – 12:30, with lunch included.

If you would like to register your interest please fill in this form.

Mentoring Year 11 students

Are you interested in working with Year 11 students in local schools to support their studies in GCSE Maths, English or Science? You will work in a class environment with the subject teacher and will spend your time assisting designated students to achieve desired GCSE grades.

You will have studied your chosen subject to at least A level standard.

Mentoring Core subjects at our local schools

The Mentoring Core subjects at our local schools scheme started last academic year and involves Oxford Brookes students working in local schools with year 11 students who live in the local area.

Primary Aims

  • To improve GCSE results in Science, Maths and English
  • To improve students’ attainment in Science, Maths and English
  • To increase students’ confidence at school
  • To develop students’ study skills and capacity for academic attainment

Secondary Aims

  • To develop students’ knowledge and awareness of the benefits of higher education
  • To raise the aspirations of students in the local community


Target group will be year 10 & 11 (pre GCSE would be useful as many do elements of GCSE before year 11) students are on the borderline for grade D and need a push to gain C in Maths and English. Working with students from Cheney School and Wheatley Park School.

Local young people benefit from the scheme, with Brookes students gaining experience of teaching in a community environment.