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Communication, Media and Culture

BA (Hons) – single BA (Hons), BSc (Hons) – combined

School of History, Philosophy and Culture

What is good communication? How is the cultural environment evolving, and what do these changes mean for all of us living in today’s digitally connected, media-saturated society? What role do communication, media and culture play in the construction of our identity?
Communication and information keep the modern world alive. On this course you will study the forces that shape the media, creative and cultural industries and gain the specialist analytic and creative skills you need to carve out a career in them. Through a combination of theoretical and practical work, you will learn the principles of communication across a range of media and cultural contexts, and develop your own skills as an effective communicator.

Course details

Communication, Media and Culture at Oxford Brookes offers a wide range of modules, allowing you to select and explore those aspects of the field that most interest you. The modules that make up the programme are organised around the three key themes of communication, media and culture:
These modules address aspects of communication theory and practice, including interpersonal, persuasive, linguistic, organisational, institutional, corporate, business, management, marketing, branding, online, and other dimensions of communication.
These modules address aspects of media theory and practice, including questions of audiences, influence, propaganda, consumption, journalism, technologies, media production, video production, web design, publishing, civic engagement and more.
These modules cultivate a critical understanding of key aspects of contemporary culture, focusing on questions of identity, society, youth, gender, globalisation, popular culture, television and film, music, urban environments, religion, and more.
During your time studying on the course, you can choose to specialise in one or more of these themes, or you can select a range of modules from across all three themes, depending on your interests.