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Japanese Studies

BA (Hons) – single BA (Hons), BSc (Hons) – combined

If you would like to explore Japanese society and language, then this is the course for you. Japan is a fascinating, complex and vibrant country, with the third largest economy in the world. On this course you’ll learn the Japanese language and study Japanese society and culture; from ancient Shinto customs to modern manga cartoons.

Japanese Studies can be taken as a single honours or a combined honours degree – you will find a list of all the subjects it can be combined with further down this page.

If you are interested in studying Japanese as a beginner and want to carry on with your A-level language at degree-level, you should consider Applied Languages. In your year abroad you can study in Japan for one semester, and carry out a work placement in the other language for the other semester.

The course combines Japanese language modules with the study of specific aspects of Japanese culture and society taught by specialists.
In Year 1 you will study Japanese language from beginners’, GCSE or post-GCSE level. You will also take the compulsory module, Introduction to Japanese Society and Culture, which provides essential background knowledge of Japanese society, geography and history. You may choose optional introductory modules in Arts, Business, Computing or Social Anthropology as preparation for advanced work relating to Japan.
In Year 2 you will develop your language skills further. You’ll combine this with modules that allow more detailed study of the arts, culture and society of Japan, and place Japan in a broader international context.
In Year 3 you will attend a university in Japan, studying the Japanese language and key aspects of the society and culture. The intensive language courses and lectures you receive in Japan will complement your programme of studies at Oxford Brookes. You can be sure to find an exchange placement to suit you as we currently have 15 partner universities based in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyushu.
The language modules you take in Year 4 will build on the greater fluency and range of expression you developed during your year in Japan. At the same time, you can select from a range of modules exploring specific aspects of Japanese life, institutions and culture at an advanced level.
Please note that the following course combinations will not be available for September 2018:
  • Japanese Studies/Anthropology
  • Japanese Studies/Drama
  • Japanese Studies/Education Studies
  • Japanese Studies/English Literature
  • Japanese Studies/History of Art
  • Japanese Studies/International Relations
  • Japanese Studies/Music
  • Japanese Studies/Philosophy
  • Japanese Studies/Politics
  • Japanese Studies/Publishing Media
  • Japanese Studies/Sociology