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Health and Social Care (FdSc)

Foundation Degree Fd(Sc)

This highly flexible foundation degree allows staff working in health and social care settings to gain new knowledge and skills. It is taught at three of our Oxford Brookes partner colleges:

  • City of Oxford College
  • Solihull College
  • Swindon College

The course is primarily aimed at care workers who are taking on new roles, for example as assistant practitioners, associate practitioners or team leaders. It is also suitable for staff who have already achieved a level of responsibility but who want to consolidate that, with evidence of new knowledge and skills to enhance their practice. It is open to all who are interested in exploring new aspects of health and social care and who are in employment in a relevant place of work.

Note: this foundation degree does not award a registration in health and social care.


Course details

The course runs for two years full-time and combines classroom study with work-based learning. Days are organised as follows:

  • One day a week per academic year (Sept – July) attending taught sessions at either City of Oxford College, Solihull College or Swindon College.
  • Sixteen hours a week or more in workplace learning is a required minimum throughout the year.

The course consists of units of study called modules. Taught sessions will contain core content and you will also have the opportunity to customise your ‘pathway’ during the course. With the support of your tutors, you will be able to identify work-based outcomes that reflect and respond to your individual role and employment needs.

You will attend classes that include:

  • study skills
  • science for health and social care
  • social and welfare systems
  • legal and ethical aspects of care
  • research and evidence.

Study modules

As our courses are reviewed regularly, the modules available may vary from those listed here.

Year 1

Study Skills for Foundation Degrees
A basic module that introduces and reinforces the study skills required to successfully complete all components of the foundation degree in Health and Social Care including team work, presentation skills and academic writing. Models of reflective practice will be introduced for you to use when compiling your Work-Based Learning Portfolio.

Work-Based Learning (WBL) 1
This is the first of four double WBL modules that are taken in your own workplace. It encourages you to examine your care practice, to begin to embed your practice in theory and to engage in any new role requirements you might have. It is the first module that indicates the individual pathway you may take with the foundation degree in Health and Social Care.

Science for Health and Social Care
An underpinning of knowledge for safe and effective delivery of care regardless of setting. This module introduces and reinforces an understanding of the major physiological systems, their normal workings and frequently encountered potential abnormalities that may occur for those requiring health or social care.

Specialist Care Skills – Therapeutic Caring
This is the first of two specialist skills modules in which you learn new skills, refine current skills, and experiment with alternative ways of performing skills effectively and efficiently, within a safe environment (skills labs on campus).

Work Based Learning 2
The second of four double WBL modules that build on previous learning and practice. It encourages you to consider specific aspects of health and social care needs and how to deliver them in practice. It allows you, under the guidance of your employer, to gain and demonstrate new role-specific skills.

Applied Social Science for Health Care Professionals
This is a shared module accessed with pre-registration students, providing an introduction to a study of major psychological and social influences on human behaviour in the context of health and social care. The module aims to enable students to link behaviour, and the development of self, both psychologically and socially, to an understanding of health, health behaviour and aspects of health and social care delivery.

Year 2

Social Policy and Welfare Systems
An advanced module that builds on elements of the Year 1 basic module Applied Social Science and the WBL modules. It equips you with knowledge and understanding of local and national policies which influence the delivery of health and social care. It allows you to appraise and evaluate the place of policies on the overall promotion of wellbeing for the community.

Specialist Care Skills – Therapeutic Caring 2
The second of two specialist skills modules which build on your skills and understanding of supporting theories for delivery of care. In addition, the module allows the individual student to identify and practise the particular skills required to perform their role.

Work Based Learning 3
An advanced, level 5, WBL module building on the previous theory modules and WBL modules. It will aid further identification of role-specific skills for the student. The module builds on and makes use of previous learning and concurrent learning in other modules.