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BSc (Hons) – single BA (Hons), BSc (Hons) – combined

This course explores contemporary issues that affect our everyday lives such as globalisation, sustainability, environmental management, conservation, geoarchaeology, nature and society, the problems of contemporary cities, and culture and landscape; as well as alternative ways of solving the problems associated with them.

Our field-study-based programme is supported by laboratory facilities that enable you to perform scientific tests ranging from detailed soil analysis of core samples gathered on field trips, to experimental modelling and rainfall simulation.

This is a popular course that scores highly in the National Student Survey. In 2016, 95% of our students reported that they were satisfied with this course (source: Unistats 2016).

Course details

Core modules introduce the geographical perspectives on cultural and environmental problems, and different approaches to their causes and solutions.

In Year 1 you will take introductory modules which prepare you for more specialised study. The four modules are: Introduction to Human Geography, Geography of the Oxford Region, Introduction to Environmental Geography, and Concepts in Geography. You will also be recommended to take a selection of specialist modules, including Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology and Environmental Sustainability. These courses all involve both individual and group work, and The Geography of the Oxford Region involves fieldwork.

In Year 2 the compulsory Geographical Enquiry and Field Research double module emphasise the importance of fieldwork as part of your research methods training. You will undertake fieldwork as part of a residential course that gives you the opportunity to design and carry out your own research.

In both years 2 and 3 you will be able to specialise in the areas of geography that interest you most. See below for the current options.

Study modules

Study is undertaken at three levels which broadly correspond to the first, second and third year of full-time academic study.

Full-time students are required to pass a minimum of 24 modules over the three year period in order to qualify for an honours degree. Each module has a credit rating of 15 points. Each level comprises 120 credits and students must receive 360 credits in total to graduate with a BA/BSc (Hons) degree.

As our courses are reviewed regularly as part of our quality assurance framework, the modules you can choose from may vary from that shown here.

Year 1

The Geography course offers three/four compulsory single modules:

  • Introduction to Human Geography (Semester 1, single and combined honours)
  • Geography of the Oxford Region (Semester 1, single and combined honours)
  • Introduction to Environmental Geography (Semester 2, single and combined honours)
  • Concepts in Geography (Semester 2, compulsory for single honours, recommended for combined honours).

Recommended modules include:

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Deep History

Other optional modules can be selected from a range offered by the Department of Social Sciences.

Years 2 and 3

Year 2 has one compulsory core double module which runs across both semesters:

  • Geographical Enquiry and Field Research

You will also have a range of advanced optional modules from which to choose. They emphasise the practice of enquiry and research in context with specialist areas of staff expertise in the discipline. These modules are:

  • Cities: Geographies of the Urban Experience
  • Conservation and Heritage Management
  • Culture and Global Change
  • Development and Social Change
  • Environmental Decision Making
  • Environmental Hazard Management
  • Earth Systems
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Human Evolutionary Biology and Geography
  • Independent Study: Work and Community Related Learning.

In your final year, if you are following the single honours degree programme, you will undertake a dissertation, which is a double module. If you are following the combined honours degree programme the geography dissertation is optional; you may choose to undertake an interdisciplinary project with your combined honours subject, or take a taught double module as an alternative.