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BSc (Hons) – single

If you want a career in business, government or the not-for-profit sector as an economist, then this course will give you the knowledge, techniques and practical skills that employers are looking for. On this course you will learn about the explanation and applications of theories and principles to various real-world situations, such as the ‘credit crunch’, international trade, interest rates and the housing market.
This Economics programme will prepare you to be an economist in government and public sector organisations as well as a range of positions in the accounting, banking and finance sectors. The transferable skills you develop will also prepare you for a variety of other business careers including marketing and general management.
You will learn how to apply economic theory to the real world through case studies and the work placement scheme, visits by experts from the world of business and government and the insight provided by our highly research-active staff.
You will benefit from rigorous training in quantitative skills, logical deduction, clear and concise verbal explanation and applications of theories and principles to various real-world situations. These skills are highly sought after by employers.

Course details

In Year 1 you will begin with an introductory module that focuses on studying various real-world events and exploring how economics can help analysing these events. At the same time, the first-year microeconomics and macroeconomics modules will introduce you to the theory. You will learn about the analyses of a market system, supply and demand, inflation, unemployment, fiscal and monetary policy. Our first year mathematics module will prepare you for the further study of economic theory and its applications.

In Year 2 you will extend your understanding of economic theory with our intermediate-level theory modules. Your quantitative training will continue with a statistics module that will introduce you to the world of data analysis. You will also start applying the analytical framework that you have learned in your theory modules more extensively to specific areas of economics, such as labour markets, international trade and financial markets.
In your final year, you will have study modules that will develop your fluency in economics in a variety of areas, such as environmental issues, economic development, finance and economic growth. You will continue to enhance your data analysis skills in the econometrics module. Other opportunities include a synoptic module that will enhance your ability to synthesize various areas of economics that you have studied, and a dissertation or an independent study project, enabling you to pursue your own research interests in depth.
You will join a community of learners and will be fully supported in your learning throughout your time at Brookes, developing transferable skills alongside knowledge of macro and micro economics, accounting and finance, international finance and global business strategy.

Study modules

As our courses are reviewed regularly as part of our quality assurance framework, the modules you choose from may differ from those shown here.

Work placements

You can spend your third year on a work placement, which is a great opportunity to enhance your CV, preparing you for future employment. You will gain commercial and practical experience, and many students are offered graduate positions by their placement employer.

Students from the Accounting, Finance and Economics Department have enjoyed exciting and intellectually-challenging positions at JP Morgan, IBM, the Government Economic Service, Oxford Economics, and a host of other organisations, many of which operate internationally. Many students are offered graduate positions by their placement employer.

During your placement there is a fee which is paid to the university. It covers the cost of your placement tutor, and the support we provide whilst looking for a placement position and during your placement role.

Whilst on your placement you will still be classed as a student. You will be paid a financially sustainable salary which will vary depending on your role, company and location.

For more information about the fees please go to the Fees/Funding section.

Study abroad

You may be able to go on a European or international study exchange while you are at Brookes. Most exchanges take place in the second year.

Studying abroad provides an amazing opportunity to add value to your studies by:

  • Improving your employment prospects within an international market
  • boosting your language skills
  • building your confidence in adapting to new situations
  • improving your knowledge of different cultures
  • while on exchange you will gain credits which count towards your degree.

We have more than 100 partner universities around the world. Funding is available through the Erasmus scheme, and also via some international programmes such as the Santander Student Awards.

There is also a European work placement programme which gives you the chance to work abroad as part of your studies.

Free language courses for students – the Open Module

Free language courses are available to full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students on many of our courses, and can be taken as a credit on some courses.

Please note that the free language courses are not available if you are:

  • studying at a Brookes partner college
  • studying on any of our teacher education courses or postgraduate education courses.

Essential purchases

It’s your responsibility to purchase core texts and cover print/binding costs where coursework submission is required. Please note that a lot of the coursework is now submitted online.