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Certificates, award verification and transcripts

Award certificates are normally sent to the correspondence or home address on a student’s PIP page within three months of the completion date of their course. Certificates are sent via recorded delivery.

Oxford Brookes University is a higher education institution that is authorised by statute to award its own degrees, certificates and diplomas at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Oxford Brookes achieved its status of “University” from the Further and Higher Education Act 1992.

The University can reissue certificates to students who studied at Oxford Brookes University from 1992 onwards and who have lost their original certificate.

To request  and pay for a replacement certificate, please go to the Online Shop.

For information regarding Oxford Polytechnic awards prior to 1992 or for Westminster College please see below and look at Regulations in Related Links.

Student Central can certify photocopies of your original award certificate.

Student Central can certify photocopies of your original award certificate. The charge for certified copies is three copies for £5. Please place your order by going to the Online Shop.

Once you have paid you will need to send us a copy of your award certificate (we recommend you do not send your original certificate), along with your order number. Copies can be emailed, posted or faxed to us.

Student Central does not hold copies of your certificate – if you have lost your original you will need to request a re-issue certificate.

An award certificate is an official document, for the use of a third-party, to verify that an award has been conferred on an individual. Award certificates include a number of security measures in order to protect the value of the certificate.
Award certificates include the following information:
  • Date award was conferred
  • Name of student who has received the award
  • Type of award, i.e. award, posthumous award, honorary award
  • Title of the award (Inclusion of an oral distinction in the relevant language, if applicable)
  • Classification if applicable

Award certificates do not include detailed information relating to individual subjects and marks or an overall mark. An award transcript provides this detailed information, which can be obtained from Student Central.