Northumbria University Foundation Year

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Northumbria University Foundation Year

A foundation year is a great way to build your skills, knowledge and confidence to prepare you for a degree course.

If you have slightly different qualifications, or your school or college hasn’t offered the subjects that you’re really interested in studying; or if you’ve missed out on getting the grades for the course you want, a foundation year gives you the chance to go to university without doing a re-sit and then to move onto your desired degree course.

What are the benefits of doing a foundation year?

Doing a foundation course will help you develop the personal and academic skills to help you progress onto a full undergraduate degree.

It gives you the chance to experience university-style teaching and to get a feel for the campus, city and subjects that you’re interested in. You’ll get a rich understanding of your subject areas, alongside practical grounding-in skills that will make it easier for you to go on undergraduate study.

If you’re unsure exactly what particular area of a subject you’re most interested in, a foundation year can be a great way of helping you focus your future study and career decisions.