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Excited to become part of the contemporary art world?

Are you creative, ambitious and visually curious? Are you ready to take risks, immerse yourself in contemporary art practice and develop what you think you know? Are you prepared to engage with critical thinking, embrace uncertainty and learn through testing and making?

Taught by leading artists, writers and curators and supported by specialist artist technicians, this course places you at its core. Your learning is tailored to your interests as you are guided through technical processes, studio production, studio critique, writing, work placements and exhibition making. You will take control and ownership of your learning and start to build your future. With our successful partnership with BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, this course will develop your identity as an artist, position you within an exciting and dynamic peer group and launch your career in the art world.

In this module you will learn to develop an increasingly self-directed art practice that is underpinned by evaluative, critical and creative research strategies. The module is therefore focused on developing your independence as a fine artist, through the consolidation of your visual and intellectual skills, and prepares you for the presentation of your Degree Show exhibition at the end of the year. A sense of a practice-led, studio-centred enquiry is fundamental to the module’s overarching philosophy and content. Synthesis is a year-long 80 credit-module that provides you with the opportunity to holistically develop an individual, contemporary art practice that is critically positioned and that meets professional standards of production.

To this end, the module is designed to help you shape and synthesise your own ‘artistic attitude’ and to help you extend your understanding of conceptual and practical ‘attitudes’ to research and production. A fine art practice can take many forms and you will be supported in developing diverse, challenging and ambitious approaches to your artistic concerns. As the year unfolds you will take increasing responsibility for your learning. This will include:

• Material and technical decisions
• Testing methods and individual research strategies
• An understanding of your ‘audience’ and how others may ‘read’ your work
• Theory and context
• Acknowledging open-ended approaches to making and thinking
• Understanding how risk taking and uncertainty support your progression
• Professional approaches to production and exhibiting
As well as enabling you to capitalise on the knowledge and experience gained throughout the course, this module provides you with the opportunity to invest in a sustained programme of visual and intellectual enquiry, together with the acquisition of attendant skills, that will support you in your future career or further study.