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Northumbria University Accommodation Reviews

St James’ House, Newcastle

 St James’ House opens with new ownership in Septem…
New ownership from September 2017
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St James’ Point Newcastle

 St James’ Point opens with new ownership in Septem…
New ownership from September 2017
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3.96 /5

#1  Manor Bank

 Love living here. Staff are really friendly and we…
By leopip13 On 30th April 15

3.9 /5

#2  Knoll Court

 Fabulous Accommodation, I am now re-booking for my…
By member821761 On 12th April 16

3.89 /5

#3  New Bridge Street

 It’s in a great location especially for the busine…
By member68497 On 30th April 15

3.88 /5

#4  Claude Gibb Hall

 Great halls for the social side of things, known a…
By member1210528 On 7th July 15

3.74 /5

#5  Glenamara House

 Very social halls, kind of pay for what you get th…
By member1320298 On 6th December 15

3.68 /5

#6  Student Castle

 Good halls loved the pub quizzes but can get very …
By member97261 On 25th April 15

3.77 /5

#7  The View, Newcastle

 It is truly great to live here. Ideal location, so…
By member920662 On 12th January 16

3.51 /5

#8  Camden Court

 Modern halls with great value for money. En suite …
By member128551 On 30th April 15

3.4 /5

#9  Lovaine Hall

 Decor and lighting are cold and clinical and reall…
By member1021766 On 12th April 16

3.34 /5

#10  Liberty Quay

 All throughout my stay there has been renovation w…
By member1020906 On 23rd February 16

3.32 /5

#11  Winn Studios

By member1127167 On 9th August 17

3.15 /5

#12  Victoria Hall

 Management far too strict, unable to socialise pro…
By member118574 On 30th April 15

3.14 /5

#13  Stephenson Building

 It’s good, lively and cheap. You get what you pay …
By member68471 On 29th April 15

3.07 /5

#14  Trinity Square

By member118377 On 29th April 15

2.9 /5

#15  Clapham House

 Cheap and cheerful, but it was really all about th…
By member921606 On 2nd April 16

2.88 /5

#16  Lovaine Flats

 As one of the cheapest accommodations it is what y…
By member118384 On 29th April 15

3.04 /5

#17  Verde, Newcastle

 Modern, very nice to live in and has its own free …
By member726214 On 3rd April 17

2.59 /5

#18  Old hall

 I have loved my first year of uni and I really thi…
By member72320 On 15th March 15