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The day to day operation of Sheffield Forum is handled by a dedicated team of volunteer moderators and administrators. While they do their best to help with every enquiry, we do ask that you check our frequently asked questions (complete with answers!) before contacting us. We also ask, in the interests of helping you as quickly as possible, that you pick carefully from the list of possible contacts below. Thank you 🙂

I’ve encountered a technical problem
Before contacting the admin team please check with our FAQs to see if there is a suggested fix. If you still need to contact us, please ensure you include details of your operating system (is it Windows Vista or XP, etc?) and which browser you are using (is it Internet Explorer or something else?). You can then go ahead and click here to create a support ticket.

I need to change or remove a post or classified ad I made
If you simply wish to change the body of a message you’ve posted, you can do this by clicking the blue “Edit” button which appears to the bottom right of your message. If you made a mistake in your ad or topic title, then you should request the change via “Report this Post” link which appears below your username when viewing the post in question. You should also use “Report this Post” if you wish to have your content or ad removed completely.

I have a suggestion for a new area/feature
That’s great news. Please go ahead and create a thread in our Forum Suggestions area and we will review it as soon as possible.

I’ve forgotten my forum login details
Whether you’ve forgotten your user name or password (or both!)… don’t panic! They can be automatically recovered by clicking here and entering the email address associated with your forum account.

How do I post a small ad to sell my property, unwanted items, etc?
You can do this for free. You simply need to be a registered user on the forum and then navigate to the correct section of our Marketplace. Once you have located the best place for your ad, simply click the blue “Post an Ad” button which appears above the list of existing ads.

I want to buy banner advertising on the forum
For details of advertising, whether it’s banner ads or a directory listing, please refer to this page.

My use of the forum has been suspended/banned… help!
If you tried to use the forum and are seeing a message stating your account has been suspended, please refer to the details on the page for further information. The suspension page will state the reason and also the date, if applicable, of when it will be automatically lifted. If you still wish to discuss your suspension then click here to create a support ticket.

I’m not satisfied with the way my issue was handled
If you have created a ticket but are not satisfied with the way it has been handled, then you can email the forum’s community manager via this page. Please include any applicable ticket numbers and a brief and concise explanation of the problem.

I’ve seen something which is offensive/objectionable
If you see something which you believe may not conform to our terms of use and rules, please click the “Report this Post” link under the offending message(s). However, if you wish to make a formal legal complaint then please refer to the next paragraph below.

I (or my client) has a legal query/issue
Before contacting the forum, please refer to our terms of use which all users agree to by registering and using our site. If you still wish to contact the forum for legal reasons then our preferred method of contact is via email via this form. Please note that non-legal related messages (i.e. complaints about bans, advertising enquiries, etc.) can not be dealt with via this form and will be ignored. Please refer to the contact list above for the correct contact form in those instances.

I have a query about the “Sheffield Business Directory”
If you need help with our business directory then please contact us via this form for the quickest response.

Is there a way of viewing my past & present tickets?
Yes, simply click “My Ticket History” from the menu on the left and then, if applicable, enter your email address and the key code from any ticket we’ve sent you. This will then bring up your history of that ticket and any other ones stored in the system.

Anything not covered above? Still need to contact us?
For the quickest response please email the right department or person using the information above. If you can’t spot a specific point of contact then, in the first instance, contact the forum help desk.