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Distance learning programmes are an ideal option for individuals who are unable to come to London for an extended period of time. Our aim is to meet the needs of health practitioners, clinicians, policy-makers, laboratory scientists and scientists who want to a world-class qualification in aspects of public and global health, regardless of location.

Our distance learning programmes operate through the University of London International Programmes and applications must be made through the university, however the programme design, teaching and assessment are all undertaken by School staff.

Distance learning programmes are self-led using the fully comprehensive study materials provided. Students are given access to the School’s Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle) and other online resources such as academic journals. Students receive academic support and assessment feedback from subject tutors, and the use of online discussion forums is strongly encouraged.

There are many benefits to studying by distance learning, including:

Flexibility: you can study at your own pace and at times that are convenient to you, over several years if needed, to fit in with your other commitments.

Application: often our distance learning programmes will include tasks which require you to apply what you have learning to your local situation, so you may find yourself applying a concept learned in the morning to a problem encountered in the afternoon. The possibility of immediately applying what you have learned can make the experience of studying more rewarding.

Cost: distance learning students can take a programme of study for about a quarter of the cost of coming to London, once tuition fees, transportation and living expenses are taken into account; and you can keep your job and earnings as well.

Research degrees

Our research degrees (MPhil/PhD and DrPH) are not available entirely by distance learning, due to the residential requirements to spend at least 9 months of the programme based at the School in London.