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Application Jukebox (AppJ) provides an easy way to
access software.

You can use AppJ to:

  • Access software on PCs in the Library and Labs
  • Access software on your own Windows PC or laptop

In the Library and PC Labs
If you can’t find the software you’re looking for on computers in the Library and PC Labs, simply go to the Start Menu and select ‘Jukebox Applications’.

On your own Windows PC
You can use AppJ on your own Windows PC or laptop to run software on demand, without the need to install it. To use AppJ on your own PC or laptop you will need to do a one-off install of the Jukebox Player first. Then you’ll need an active Internet connection whenever you’re accessing and using software via AppJ.

We’re regularly adding to the list of software available via AppJ. There’s more information at

Note that you can also download some software to your own computer if required. A full list of all available software is at

18 September 2015

ISS have made it even easier to access software using Application Jukebox (AppJ).

ISS have upgraded AppJ to give it a new look and feel. We didn’t stop there though, it’s now packed with new features including:

  • A new look website with over 100 applications now available
  • A quicker and easier search facility
  • The ability to use most applications offline
  • Access restrictions now shown in square brackets e.g. [Campus and VPN]

As before, all apps work with Windows 7 and most with Windows 8 and 10.

See to get started with Application Jukebox.

You can also request new applications be added.

Note for full details of all University software, including options for Mac, see

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