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Lancaster University Eduroam

eduroam is used at Lancaster University to provide secure wireless internet access for staff, students and visitors. It provides the wireless connectivity in many teaching, study and social spaces, and campus residences.

eduroam is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community, means that you can also use it at hundreds of other participating institutions world-wide.

To login to eduroam you need to use your Lancaster University account username in the following format and enter your usual password for your University Account. For example, if your University Account username is ‘newtoni’, then the eduroam login would be (Note that this is not the same as your email address).

For more information see the Wi-Fi service FAQs, or contact the ISS Service Desk if you are having problems.

eduroam Service Information

‌eduroam (education roaming) allows students, lecturers, researchers and staff from participating organisations to securely access the Internet via wi-fi from any eduroam-enabled organisation.

eduroam logoeduroam services provided by Lancaster University

Lancaster University operates Home and Visited eduroam services. This means:

  • Lancaster University account holders who have set up eduroam on their devices will be able to use eduroam at other participating institutions (provided that institution is operating a ‘Visited’ eduroam service).
  • Visitors who have eduroam configured for their home institution will be able to use the eduroam service at Lancaster University (‘Visited’ eduroam service).

Information about eduroam access and coverage at Lancaster University.

Acceptable use of eduroam at Lancaster University

Users of eduroam at Lancaster University agree to abide by:

eduroam for visitors to Lancaster University

If you are a visitor to Lancaster University and have eduroam set up for your home organisation, eduroam should ‘just work’ for you. You should not need to set up a new profile.