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Scholarships & Bursaries 2017 Entry

Lancaster University’s priority is to support every student to make the most of their life and education and we have committed £3.7m in scholarships and bursaries. Our financial support depends on your circumstances and how well you do in your A levels (or equivalent academic qualifications) before starting study with us.

Scholarships recognising academic talent

As a university nationally and internationally recognised for excellence in teaching, scholarship and research, we attract high calibre, academically gifted students.

Our Academic Scholarship is designed to reward the hard work and natural ability of full-time UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man students applying to study with us regardless of their household income. Students achieving: A*, A*, A in their A level examinations (or equivalent academic qualifications), who place Lancaster as their firm choice will be awarded a £2,000 Lancaster Scholarship during their first year of undergraduate studies.

Our Access Scholarship is to support UK students with household incomes of less than £42,600, who achieve excellent A level grades of A*, A, A in their A level examinations (or the equivalent academic qualifications). They will be awarded a £1,000 Access Scholarship for each year of their studies. Continuation of the Access Scholarship is subject to satisfactory academic progression.

Students may be eligible for both the Academic and Access Scholarship if they met the requirements for both.

Our Excellence Scholarship forms part of the Unconditional Offer Scheme for full time UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man applicants with outstanding academic profiles within a number of academic departments, further information is available here.

Bursaries for life, living and learning

Our bursary package will help students from the UK whose household incomes are less than £42,600 with fees and living costs.

All students from the UK, with a household income of less than £42,600, will be awarded a Lancaster Bursary of £1,000 for each year of their studies.

Students from the UK eligible for a bursary package will also be awarded our Academic Scholarship and/or Access Scholarship if they meet the criteria detailed above.

Example Case Studies of how these scholarships and bursaries apply to incoming students.

Grants and financial support information from the Government.

UK Student Loans (

Students from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales may find the following webpages helpful:



Northern Ireland:

Any financial support that you receive from Lancaster University will be in addition to government support that might be available to you (eg fee loans) and will not affect your entitlement to these.

How do I apply for Financial Support from Lancaster?

Once you have applied for your financial support from the government and you have received an offer from Lancaster, your application for a scholarship or bursary will proceed automatically; there are no further forms to fill in! For Academic and Access Scholarships, once we have your final exam results we will also confirm if you have been successful. For bursaries, so Lancaster will know that you’re eligible, just ensure you do not tick the box to opt out of sharing your financial information when you complete your application with Student Finance England; we’ll do the rest!

Do I get financial support for each year of my course?

Yes! If you are eligible for either or both our £1,000 Access Scholarship and £1,000 Lancaster Bursary, these are awarded each year of your studies, even for four year courses. The Access Scholarship will be subject to satisfactory academic progression and the Lancaster Bursary will be subject to an annual assessment of household income which must be under the relevant threshold.

I’m an EU, international student, what financial support can I get?

If you’re a student from an EU country other than the UK, studying at an English university, you may be eligible for a Tuition Fee Loan. In limited circumstances where you satisfy residency conditions you may get help with living costs. If you are an international student (outside EU) there are a limited number of awards available but competition is usually strong.

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