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Departments of French, German and Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies

The Year Abroad is an integral part of your language degree. By living, studying or working in a French-, German-, Portuguese- or Spanish-speaking country, you will be able to deepen your linguistic and cultural knowledge within a practical setting. This will not only prepare you for your final year of study at King’s, it will also help you after graduation, developing intercultural competencies and life skills which are highly valued by employers.

As part of your language degree you will undertake a year abroad (undergraduates). The year abroad is worth 90 King’s credits for undergraduate students.

Where can I go?

King’s College London has numerous partner universities throughout the world. Ranging from specialist, departmental partnerships to College-wide Strategic Partners, there are student exchange options for everyone. The College’s Study abroad and internships site give a department by department listing for you. Please note that destinations can change at short notice, but at the current time this list is accurate.

Do I have to study at a university abroad or is there an alternative?

As an alternative to studying you may choose to spend your year abroad as an English Language Assistant (restrictions for joint honours students following two languages) or on an internship (one semester only).

If you choose to follow one of these options you will be submitting assessment to your department.  Details of assessment can be found using the department links on the left.

Dates & deadlines

When & how to apply (Internal link – College Study Abroad website)

How to apply – Modern Languages students (Internal link – College Study Abroad website)

How will I be assessed during my study abroad?

If you are studying abroad at a partner university, you will submit assessment to the host instituion, be marked for it, and return to King’s with a transcript showing your marks. See the Assessment page for further information (internal link – College Study Abroad & Internships website) relating to the transfer of marks and from 2013-14 onwards the transfer of credit for students within French, German and Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies.

You will also undertake language assessment on your return on King’s at the beginning of your final year.  Full details can be found on the department links on the left.


Unless you have personal circumstances that, in the view of your Department, justify exemption (e.g. dependent children, health problems, native speaker etc.), you will spend the third academic year of your course completing assessment abroad.

Please note that not all departments will allow students to apply for an exemption from the year abroad on the grounds of being a native speaker.

Students who wish to apply for exemption must initially write to their personal tutor in the first semester of their second year of study. Exemption requests will be considered at a departmental level for approval.

Illness and other mitigating circumstances

All Year Abroad assessments are subject to the same rules and regulations as the rest of your degree. If you become ill or there is another serious issue that is impairing your ability to complete assessment on-time or at all, contact your department immediately. The College has a number of procedures in place to support you at difficult times in the form of extensions, alternative assessment etc. At any time during the process you can talk to the Study Abroad Tutor (outgoing).

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