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King’s College London Timetable

King’s College London Timetable

Examination Timetable

Period 2 (MAY-JUNE) FINAL Timetable 2017

Examination Dates

2016/17 Academic Year

 Period 1  Monday 9th January – Friday 13th January 2017
 Period 2  Tuesday 2nd May – Friday 2nd June 2017
 Period 3  Monday 7th August – Friday 18th August 2017

Examination Timetable Publication

2016/17 Academic Year

 Period 1  Friday 25th November 2016
 Period 2  Wednesday 15th March 2017
 Period 3  Tuesday 25th July 2017

Preparing for Exams and Assessments

Sitting an exam or submitting an assessment can be stressful – please see our guidance document for further information and support.

Mitigating Circumstances

In response to student feedback on the ‘Fit to Sit’ policy, and in collaboration with the KCLSU, the College has revised its regulations on mitigating circumstances for 2016-17. We have recognised that ‘fit’ was not always easy to define and also that it may, inaccurately, have suggested to students that only medical issues would be acceptable reasons to apply for mitigating circumstances. As such, our new regulations no longer include the term ‘fit to sit’, instead they adopt the broader and more supportive term ‘mitigating circumstances’. How these are defined is outlined here and all supporting documentation.  The process for applying for mitigating circumstances has not changed, however there is a new form, a revised guidance document on acceptable circumstances, and a refreshed set of FAQs.

Please read through the information provided here carefully and seek further guidance from your personal tutor, the assessments team or KCLSU Advice if you are unsure what to do.


How to Find your Timetable

Timetables will be available on the College’s timetable system using your KCL credentials, and also through Student Records.

Your personal timetable is available by clicking on a link in your Student Records page in the section “Student Timetable”. You will be prompted to log into your timetable by entering your student ID number as per the example on the page.

Students also have the option of selecting to view module timetables. This will be necessary for Modern Language Centre modules which may not show on your personal timetables.

You may find the Strand Campus maps helpful when looking for teaching rooms during your first few weeks.

Timetable Updates

It is your responsibility to check back regularly for updates and to make certain that you have the correct information to ensure attendance at your classes.If you print out a copy you must still check back for alterations as seminars, tutorials and practicals are likely to be updated during the first two weeks of the semester.

Before you view your timetable, please click on the link, “using your timetable” as this will explain the information on the timetable grid. You may select whether you wish to view a full semester timetable or view your timetable on a weekly basis.

Problems with your Timetable

If you find any discrepancies in your module selections or have any other problems with your personal timetable you should contact your Programme Administrator. Please note that if you make changes to your module selections this may take up to five working days to show on your timetable.

How the Timetable is Constructed

The Timetable is created through a joint effort from department professional services staff and the Timetabling Services team.  Data is collected, checked and put through several draft stages to ensure that timetables are manageable for students whilst keeping certain constraints for academics and College rules. Further information about this is available on the internal webpages for Timetabling Services.