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King’s College London Quadrangle Project

King’s College London Quadrangle Project

The Strand Quadrangle Redevelopment

King’s College London is embarking on an exciting project to redevelop the Quadrangle and its associated buildings at the College’s historic Strand Campus in London WC2. The Quad project will provide an additional 3,700 square metres of teaching space and student facilities, and will nurture the King’s connections with the surrounding area.
For more background information about the Quadrangle and the vision, see the Campus Life pages.

Current project activity

King’s continues to work with Hall McKnight to develop the design in the context of the emerging master plan for the Strand Campus and it is anticipated that a final design will be completed in Spring 2013.
The detailed design will work to unify the campus, improving the utilisation of various buildings, and wayfinding throughout the campus. The overall campus masterplan is also taking shape, with a series of options related to space planning, risk and cost being progressed, and this will feed into the Quadrangle design as well.
The architect selection
Architectural firm Hall McKnight was selected to redevelop the Quad.
The selection of the architect was not solely based on the concept design but also on how well the design met the brief, how well the architects would work with the College’s extensive stakeholder groups and other considerations.

Hall McKnight had undertaken an impressive analysis of the site and presented a clear philosophy. By uncovering layers of the past, the architects showed a real engagement with the history of the buildings surrounding the Quad. The competition jury panel was impressed with Hall McKnight’s passion, intelligence, strategic sense and communicative ability, and concluded that Hall McKnight’s concept enhanced the urban setting while at the same time providing greenery.

One visitor commented, ‘It allows the existing King’s and Somerset House buildings to breathe and doesn’t introduce its own distinct style, but respects and connects what is there’.

The competition

The College received over 100 first stage entries from firms around the world and shortlisted six excellent submissions. As part of the competition process, the six architectural concepts were showcased in Somerset House East Wing towards the end of August and students and staff were encouraged to feed back their views. KCLSU had representation on the competition jury panel and is represented on the project board. The shortlisted architects were Barozzi Veiga, Carme Pinos, Eric Parry, Hall McKnight (winners), Henley Halebrown Rorrison, Zaha Hadid. You can view their concept designs by clicking the left hand navigation links on this page.

The brief

Aside from technical and heritage building considerations, the architects’ brief was to create a flexible student-focused space that incorporated the ideas and preferences contributed by over 300 staff and students.  They attended interviews and completed electronic polls, and a subset of these attended creative workshops and visited other sites such as Google Offices London, Imperial College London, Royal Festival Hall and Queen Mary University of London. Students also participated in a consultation blog.


Richard Shires, Senior Project Manager, Estates & Facilities, King’s College London