King’s College London Nursing Numeracy Test

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King’s College London Nursing Numeracy Test

King’s College London Nursing Numeracy Test

King’s College Nursing Numeracy Test

If you are invited to a nursing selection event, expect a literacy test, a numeracy test, and eventually an interview. You must successfully pass the tests in order to be invited for the interview.

The literacy test is 20 minutes long. It looks at your skills when working with written English, particularly how well you can read, understand, and apply the information in a piece of text. This test is based on a nursing-related text, for which you must answer questions.

The numeracy test consists of 15 questions that must be answered in 20 minutes. These questions look at how well you can use maths in a work context. You must be able to work with and understand the four basic functions, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, and other general maths topics. You may use a calculator on the test, and you will be provoided with one on test day.


Example numeracy questions:

  • Round this number to one decimal place: 18.77
  • You earn £370 a week and are given a 6% pay increase. Your colleague Steph earns £400 a week but is given just 3% more a month. Who will get more money added to their weekly pay?

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