King’s College London Gcse Requirements

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King’s College London Gcse Requirements

King’s College London Gcse Requirements


GCSE requirements

Some programmes require students to have achieved a certain standard(s) at GCSE (or equivalent below) in addition to higher qualifications (such as A-levels). For example, students applying for a degree or postgraduate diploma leading to registration as a nurse or midwife must have achieved five GCSEs at grade C or above, including English Language, Mathematics and Science. Mature applicants with O-levels/CSE levels from the UK are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office to check GCSE grade equivalency (where applicable).

GCSEs taken earlier than Year 11

Please note that whilst King’s encourages students to stretch themselves academically, students who are entered early for their public examinations should have the potential to achieve the same grade as might be expected if they were entered in the standard year. This means that a student who gains a GCSE Grade B in Year 10 will be considered to have Grade B and will not be considered favourably when compared to students who achieved Grade A in the standard year of examination.

Note: If GCSE is your highest qualification, you will need to undertake further study before you are eligible to apply for a programme at King’s.

GCSEs (9 to 1) – England & Wales

In summer 2017, students’ GCSE English and GCSE Maths exam results will be graded from 9 – 1 instead of from A* – G. From summer 2019, all GCSE subjects will be graded this way. King’s has agreed the following grade equivalencies:

GCSE (A*- G) GCSE (9 to 1)
 A*  8 and above
 A  7
 B  6
 C  5