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King’s College London Enrollment

Enrolment Information

Please note that information for enrolment & induction 2017 will be available in August 2017.


We look forward to meeting you when you arrive!

Please ensure that you have read through the Welcome to King’s webpages and followed all of the compulsory steps before you arrive so that you are prepared for your first weeks at King’s.

Before you arrive, have you …?

Set up and activated your King’s IT account

Completed your online enrolment

Checked your final preparations


During Welcome Week, have you ….?

Collected your King’s ID card

Attended your induction

Booked your place at King’s and KCLSU Welcome events


How to enrol

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Summer Languge Courses enrolment 

  • Enrolment for Summer semester opens 22 May.
  • For intensive courses, enrolment for summer term closes at 12pm on Friday 14 July 2017.
  • For fast-track courses, enrolment for summer  term closes at 3pm the day before the first lesson (either 11th or 12th of July – please check the timetable for dates).

The enrolment process 

  1. Identify your language level. Do our online placement test which will identify what level you should enrol in.
  2. Read our online timetable for available class times and dates that suit your lifestyle and schedule*
  3. Enrol**
    • Online
      • Please click the ‘Apply’ link on the timetable and follow the online enrolment process.
      • This option is not available for students who are being sponsored by a third party.
    • In person
      • Please come to our office to enrol in person.
      • Please note that we are unable to accept payment of fees in cash.
    • By posting an Enrolment Form, together with either:
      • a cheque, made payable to “King’s College London (MLC)”
      • or a signed Sponsorship Form.

*Please note that some courses may be cancelled the week prior to the course start date. An email will be sent to any students affected by these cancellations to explain any alternative options available.

**Please note that applicants must be over 18 years of age.

Enrol With King’s Online

Information for King’s Online Managed Programmes

Is my programme a King’s Online programme?

King’s runs a number of online programmes, but only some of these are governed by the specific King’s Online regulations. They are:

Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health (Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and MSc)

International Corporate and Commercial Law (LLM)

If you are enrolling on one of these programmes, please note you may be asked questions in the enrolment task that are not relevant to your programme. Please observe the specific King’s Online regulations attached to your enrolment email and visit our fees page for information on when and how to pay your fees.

What happens at enrolment?

Enrolment is the process by which you are formally enrolled and welcomed as a student of the College. Within 24 hours of completing the enrolment task you will be gain access to the orientation module and first teaching module for your programme in KEATS.


IT account – Unable to log in using username and password

  • First ensure that you are logging in to the correct screen to register for online services and self-service password management.
  • Your King’s user name begins with the letter k and has 7 numbers. When registering for online services, enter the User Name in the format For example, if your King’s username isk1234567, then enter in the “User Name” box.
  • If you have studied at King’s before and you are unable to register, try logging with the password that you used for your previous course. If you have forgotten that password, reset it (you will be required to answer some security questions).
  • If the temporary password still isn’t working, please contact the IT Service Desk

IT account – Unable to complete security questions

  • You should make sure to use the correct format for your date of birth. It should be ddmmyy You must use 2 digits for the year. E.g. 1986 should be written as 86.
  • If you repeatedly get an error message, please contact the IT Service Desk

Name, date of birth, country of domicile or birth are incorrect

Please email the correct details to with a copy of your ID. We will update our system and confirm this with you.

Enrolment deadlines?

The deadline for enrolling on your programme is two days before Orientation Day. If you have missed the deadline, you will be unable to enrol on your first module. You may be able to defer your entry. Please speak to your Student Advisor.

Tuition fees

Please refer to fees for information on when and how to pay.

At this time, we are unfortunately unable to invoice third parties and you are personally liable for your fees. We suggest that sponsored students make arrangements with their sponsor to transfer funds directly to them before the start of your programme. Sponsors may however make payments on a student’s behalf via our website. If your sponsor would like to make a payment, please ask them to quote your full name and student number.


If you decide not to join the programme within 14 days of paying your tuition fee deposit, you will be refunded. Any withdrawals from the programme after this time cannot be refunded.

I have logged into KEATS and I cannot see any materials

Your programme team manage your access to e-learning materials. If you enrol on the programme early, there may not be any materials posted to the site. If you do not have access to KEATS on orientation day, please speak to your Student Advisor.

Student ID Cards

Your student card will be posted in the first week of your programme to the contact address provided.

International Visas

As a distance learner you will not require a visa to study in the UK, but if you reside outside the EU, you may need to apply for a student visa. Please contact your Student Advisor to request this.

Student Records

Student Records is the student portal allowing you to access information relating to your programme. It enables you to view the records we hold and make changes to your contact details. You are invited to enrol through Student records and will see you modules registered here 24 after you enrol.


Need assistance with the enrolment task? Please email

For IT related queries please email or call +44(0) 207 848 8888

Any other questions email your Student Advisor or call +44(0) 1279 623 787 Skype Name: onlinestudentsupportservices