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Kesh Patel University of Bolton, The University of Bolton are members of the Higher Education Liaison Officers Association (HELOA), and as such we provide guidance, information and outreach activities to prospective higher education students, their families and guidance advisers.

The Association has a code of practice which encourages collaboration, sharing good practice and rigorous standards of impartiality.

The management of the website, which includes, ensuring that webpages don’t have any technical errors, upgrading templates and stylesheets,  support using Contensis, and website development, is the responsibility of Marketing and Communications.

The content of webpages, and the validity, accuracy and currency of that content is the responsibility of staff with relevant permissions throughout the university. The below table lists staff that are responsible for editing and approving the content of webpages within each area of the website. It also lists who is ultimately responsible for that content.

The Email Notification system is enabled so every time a webpage is approved the Web Coordinator is notified. Website Editors will also soon start to receive ‘Review Notifications’. These are automated emails every 30 days after a page has been published. This is to help ensure pages remain valid, current and accurate.

For further descriptions of terminology please refer to the Glossary. This list is maintained by Marketing and Communications, if you have a query about this page please contact Dan Rowles, email tel 01204 903841.