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Tuition fees are set at different levels for home, EU and international students. If you are unsure about your fee status please see the our fee assessment guidance section for further information.

Undergraduate International Tuition Fees and Scholarships 2017-2018

Please find below details of the tuition fees for international applicants for Undergraduate courses for the academic year 2017-18.

Course Fee
Foundation Programmes
International Foundation Year (IFY)


International Degree Programme* (IDP)


* (first year) After the first year students will pay the tuition fee for the degree combination they select
Dual Honours and Single Honours
Combination of subjects in the Social Sciences and Humanities (including Mathematics but excluding Music and Music Technology) (three-year degrees)


Combination of subjects which include one laboratory science* or Music or Music Technology, and Single Honours Music and Music Technology (three-year degrees)


Combination of two laboratory science subjects (including single honours*) (three-year degrees and four year degrees)


Physiotherapy (three-year degree)


Rehabilitation Science


Pharmaceutical Science, Technology and Business Single Honours


Pharmacy (four-year degree for MPharm)


Pharmacy (five-year degree for MPharm)




Medicine MBChB (five-year degree)


Clinical Medicine Year 3 – 5 of  MBChB degree for students entering directly into Year 3


Philosophy (four-year degree)


Liberal Arts (three-year degree)


Liberal Arts (four-year degree)


Natural Sciences (three-year degree)


Natural Sciences (four-year degree)


UK & EU Students – Undergraduate Tuition Fees

Fees for UK/EU full-time undergraduates will be £9,000 in 2016-17.

Fees for UK/EU full-time undergraduates in 2017-18 are expected to be £9,250. Whilst inflationary increases to £9,250 for tuition fees and student support loans for 2017/18 have been announced by the Minister, they are still subject to formal parliamentary approval. Tuition fees may be increased in subsequent years of study by an inflationary amount determined by Government.

For further information about Postgraduate and International fees please visit the Tuition Fees page.

How much can I borrow?

If you are an EU or a UK undergraduate student you should be eligible to receive a tuition fee loan up to the value of your tuition fees. You should check whether you are eligible (external link to

If you are applying for a NHS funded course please see student funding for further information.

How do I pay?

Please see the Income Office for information on how to pay.

If you pay your own tuition fees and do not take out a loan you can pay in two instalments, in October and in January each year.

Need further help?

If you are having difficulty paying your tuition fees you can speak to someone in the university’s Income Office, or you can come and see us in the Student Services Centre for information and advice.

Sandwich course fees

Please note that the academic year listed relates to the year a placement is undertaken and not your year of entry:

Placement/Sandwich year Fees

Some programmes include an optional or required placement year. For students commencing their studies from 2017, a discounted fee of 20% of the normal tuition fee (either at Home/EU or at International level) is payable to Keele University for this year. The discounted fee only applies to situations where the full year is spent on placement. Where only a part of the year is spent on placement the full tuition fee is payable to the Keele University as normal.

Study Abroad and International Year Fees

If you are working or studying abroad as part of your degree you will still need to pay tuition fees for that year to the Keele University. The amount will vary depending on the length of your placement.

Tuition fees loans (through your student finance body) will be available to eligible students to cover these costs.

UK/EU Students International Students
Semester Exchange Normal full tuition fees apply Normal full tuition fees apply
Full Year Exchange 15% of your full tuition fee 15% of your full tuition fee

For more information about these exchanges please click here.

Keele students wishing to study abroad may be eligible to apply for our Study Abroad Bursary to support with the additional costs of studying in another country. For further information please visit our Study Abroad Webpages.