Keele University Security

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Keele University Security are based at the Darwin Building. They operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide security services to all University buildings and users on campus.

To contact security:

External phone & mobiles – 01782 733004

Internal – 33004

Email non-urgent enquires –


Keeping Your Computer And Data Safe

This section aims to provide information and guidance on ways to keep your computer and, more importantly, your data safe from cybercriminals and malicious software.

Use the links below or on the left to navigate to the relevant topics.  It is recommended that new visitors to this section read all of the information carefully to ensure your PC is fully protected.

Microsoft Updates

Microsoft regularly releases software updates to tackle the constant threat of cyber-criminals and malicous hackers from using their code to steal the personal data from your desktop PC/laptop. It is very important to install these updates to help prevent security breaches, malicious software attacks, and even identity theft.

Microsoft provides an easy way to check for and install software updates to fix these potential security holes.  We recommend that all staff check their Windows PCs & laptops regularly (once per week) to ensure they are as secure as possible.  The method for downloading and installing them differs slightly depending on what version of Windows you are using.

Before installing any windows updates please ensure that you have saved any work you have open, as there is a chance the computer will restart and this coud result in data loss.