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Keele University Quidditch Society is a society dedicated to playing the sport of quidditch. Although it is based off the books of Harry Potter, this is a proper sport in its own right. It is a full contact sport that combines dodgeball, rugby and handball and is mixed gender. It involves running on a broom, throwing bludgers, scoring with quaffles and even catching the snitch!

QuidditchUK; Changing Sport, Changing Lives.

QuidditchUK is the national governing body for the sport of quidditch in the United Kingdom. We aim to develop a community in which athletes of all abilities can compete, by organising events across the UK that promote inclusivity in all aspects.

As a full-contact, mixed-gender sport quidditch is uniquely positioned to unite people from all walks of life and we pride ourselves on encouraging anyone and everyone to participate, regardless of their background or prior athletic ability. By advocating gender inclusivity, improving accessibility to sport, and inspiring players to reach new heights of athleticism, QuidditchUK strives to achieve new levels of performance within the sport while maintaining a welcoming community and transforming the traditional attitudes and perceptions of sport.


At the forefront of QuidditchUK is the promotion of opportunities for all players. Quidditch is a deliberately gender-inclusive sport, with people of all genders involved at every level of competition and management. QuidditchUK strives to challenge traditional perceptions of gender in sport and to encourage the involvement of all players at the highest level of the sport.


QuidditchUK believes in fostering performance-based competition on all levels, from a social gathering in the park to highly anticipated national and international tournaments. While promoting respect for teammates and the opposition is fundamental, competitive play is the foundation of QuidditchUK’s mission and key to the long term development of the sport.


QuidditchUK endeavours to encourage and support its members in achieving their potential. QuidditchUK prides itself on creating a platform that enables individuals to both discover their talents and encourages them to go on and use these talents to accomplish achievements they never thought possible.


The community is the backbone of QuidditchUK. With over 800 members in the UK and thousands more in Europe and worldwide, the sport provides the unique opportunity to meet and create lasting friendships with people from completely different walks of life on both a national and international scale.