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Undergraduate Entry Requirements

The entry grades outlined in this section indicate the likely offer or range of offers which would be made to candidates along with any subject specific requirements. This table is for general information only. Keele University reserves the right to vary offer conditions depending upon a candidate’s application.

If you are seeking information on the offer level for a dual honours or major:minor degree course you should look at the offer levels for BOTH subjects: the higher offer level is the one which will apply. Any subject specific requirements for both courses will apply.

Entry Requirements Information

GCSE Requirements

Students entering Keele are required to have GCSE English Language at grade C or above or equivalent.

GCSE Mathematics or Science at grade C or above is also required unless the ‘GCSE Requirements’ column on the Entry Requirements Table does not include this qualification or states that only Mathematics is acceptable or grade B is required.

From 2017, for applicants taking the reformed GCSE qualifications in England, we will consider the new Grade 4 as being equivalent to a grade C; however we will require at least a Grade 5 if the subject relates to the degree programme.

EU Qualifications

We accept a number of EU qualifications for entry to our degree programmes. Information about some of the most commonly accepted qualifications can be found below. If the qualification you are taking is not listed below, please contact us for further information regarding the acceptability of your particular qualification.

Please note: this information is indicative and for admissions purposes only

Please check the entry requirements table (on the entry requirements page) for information about the typical A level offer for your chosen course and then refer to the information for your country below. For courses with subject specific requirements a translated copy of the syllabus for that specific subject (or equivalent) may be required.