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Psychology is one of the longest established academic disciplines at Keele University. We appointed our first Professor (Ian M.L. Hunter) over 50 years ago and since then thousands of students have graduated in Psychology. Today, we offer one of the most popular undergraduate degree subjects in the university.  Currently we have about 600 undergraduate students studying for an honours degree in Psychology by following one of our three, BPS-accredited degree Programmes (Dual Honours, Major-Minor, or Single Honours in Psychology)  and about 100 students following postgraduate or professional training courses.

Course type: Single Honours, Dual Honours, Major

Duration and mode of study: 3 years, Full time

Location of study: Keele University campus

Subject Area: Psychology, Faculty of Natural Sciences

Studying Psychology involves exploring why humans feel, think and act in the ways that they do. At Keele you will learn about what the latest psychology research, including studies published by our own friendly and approachable staff, tells us about human behaviour. We will show you how to design and conduct your own psychological studies in our well-equipped labs using a range of techniques including interviews, surveys and experiments.

The Psychology BSc undergraduate programme at Keele is excellent in many ways.

We offer a personalised learning experience. Our students can choose whether to take the Single Honours route predominantly taking psychology modules or take the Dual Honours route and combine psychology with another discipline. We offer fantastic opportunities to study abroad either for a semester or a full year.

You will be taught by research-active staff with expertise in social and developmental psychology, cognition and neuropsychology, health and wellbeing and a range of applied areas. The emphasis of the course is on understanding how psychology impacts on everyday life; from developing a sense of self and negotiating personal relationships to influencing judgments about matters of global significance like climate change. The aim at Keele is to produce psychology graduates who leave university equipped to use their psychology knowledge and skills to make a real difference.

We offer high levels of student satisfaction. In 2016 82% of our students graduated with a 2i or 1st class degree and Psychology at Keele received 90% overall student satisfaction ratings. Moreover sources of help for our students are outstanding including extra-curricular psychology-specific learning support. Upon graduating, 86% of our students are working or engaged in further study within 6 months of graduation with some choosing to stay longer at Keele following exciting MSc and PhD opportunities available in Psychology.