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The Keele Learning Environment (KLE) is the core online learning platform for Keele University and is powered by Blackboard Learn. This page intends to give you a general introduction to the the KLE and useful tips to get started.

Navigating the KLE

Tabs and Sub-Tabs

After you’ve signed in, you will always have the Home, Learning, Co-Curriculum and The Office tabs at the top of the screen. Some users may see additional tabs (e.g. Content Collection). A tab can also have sub-tabs that appear below it.

The animation below shows the sub menu of The Office tab. The top menu is always visible from wherever you are in the KLE.

Customizing the KLE

Panels and Customising the Home Tab

We encourage you to personalise the pages inside the KLE to give you the best user experience possible. To add a panel (often confusingly called a module or information box), simply follow the steps demonstrated by the animation below. In this example, the My Courses panel is added to the Home tab.

There are over 140 different types of item users can add to their Home page, including University news feeds, journals and news companies featuring content from their latest issue and much, much more.