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Geology is fundamental to modern day living. Geologists explore for our society’s major resource needs including metals, minerals and energy.

Module List – note: This list has been updated for 2015-16

Teaching Resources for modules are on the KLE or are linked from the table below.

FHEQ Level 4 (Year 1) (all compulsory)
ESC-10034Geology: Time and Space
ESC-10036Geology: Planet Earth
ESC-10054Introduction to Mineralogy and Petrology
ESC-10055Introduction to Sedimentology and Palaeontology
FHEQ Level 5 (Year 2) (all compulsory)
ESC-20001Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
ESC-20002Reconstructing Past Environments
ESC-20039Advanced Structural Geology and Geological Mapping Training
ESC-20040Geoscience Field Techniques
FHEQ Level 6 (Year 3) (all compulsory)
Compulsory Modules
ESC-30039Independent Field Project
ESC-30034Advanced Topics in Sedimentology (compulsory for Year 3 MGeoscience students ONLY)
ESC-30033Volcanic and Magmatic Processes (Major Geology and Year 3 MGeoscience Geology route students ONLY)
ESC-30038Geological Communication Skills (Major Geology and Year 3 MGeoscience Geology route ONLY)
Option Modules/Programme Electives (Dual Honours students select THREE modules, Major Geology and Year 3 MGeoscience students select FOUR modules)
ESC-30008Structure and Geodynamics
ESC-30009Natural Hazards
ESC-30022Hydrological and Engineering Geology
ESC-30025Micropalaeontology: Principles and Applications
ESC-30028Economic Geology
ESC-30034Advanced Topics in Sedimentology (optional for BSc students ONLY)
ESC-30036Exploration Geophysics for the Hydrocarbon Industry
Major Geology students can select a maximum of TWO of the following Physical Geography option modules *:
ESC-30006Glaciers and Glacial Geomorphology
ESC-30018Global Environmental Change
ESC-30020Water Resources
ESC-30027Coastal Environments

some Geography options may be unavailable due to timetabling constraints.