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Finance first and foremost is a service department. The main sections of the department are:

  • Accounts Payable and Insurance Office – which deals with all payments to suppliers and insurance matters
  • Income Office – which deals with the administration and collection of student fees and other income
  • Management and Financial Accounting – which provides budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting
  • Payroll and Pensions Office – which manages the payroll and provides support on pension matters
  • Procurement Office – which offers value for money procurement support and best practice advice
  • Research and Treasury Office – which administers externally funded grants and cash flow management

Keele Uiversity Finance

Course type: Dual Honours

Duration and mode of study: 3 Years/ 4 years with placement, Full time/Sandwich

Location of study: Keele University campus

Subject Area: Business and Management, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Finance is central to the understanding of business behaviour, strategy and performance, and is a superb foundation for many interesting careers.

Finance at Keele engages with multiple disciplines including economics, business management, environmental science, mathematics, politics, psychology and sociology. You’ll learn a theoretical framework for finance while making extensive use of practical techniques to apply in real world problem solving. You’ll also learn industry standard software for organising, presenting and analysing business data. You’ll learn about investor decision making and the roles of the markets, exploring concepts such as moral hazard, adverse selection, information asymmetry, arbitrage, optimal risk sharing and informational efficiency. You’ll become confident using data to understand, interpret and manage financial situations in a range of private and public sector contexts.

Skills and careers

What will this mean for my future?

Your Finance degree from Keele will prepare you for a wide choice of careers. You might work in a field directly related to finance, or use your new transferable skills to do something different. You could work as an investment analyst, financial trader, banker or investment banker, chartered or management accountant, or tax advisor. Alternatively, you might go on to work in insurance, IT, journalism, statistics or the civil service, or to train as a solicitor. This degree will also prepare you to undertake postgraduate studies in Finance or related fields.