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Extenuating Circumstances (Regulation 13)

 New for 2015-16 academic year

EC claims should now be submitted on-line via e-vision. Paper forms will not be accepted by your Schools. You can access the on-line form via ‘The Office’ tab in the KLE. There is also guidance in e-vision on how to complete the on-line form.

What are extenuating circumstances?

As a student you will need to adhere to your assessment deadlines.  Sometimes however, circumstances beyond your control can affect your ability to submit work or attend an examination and the University has a policy of taking into account some circumstances which have affected students’ academic study.  These “extenuating circumstances” are defined as,

‘A circumstance that is beyond your control and could not have reasonably been foreseen and acted upon that will prevent you from completing an assessment at or by the specified time or will have a significant negative effect on your performance in that assessment.’

What is considered to be an extenuating circumstance?

The following are generally considered to be acceptable extenuating circumstances, providing that they are supported by appropriate evidence:

  • Acute illness or injury
  • Extended illness or injury
  • Acute Illness of another person
  • Bereavement
  • Significant domestic and/or personal problems
  • Court Attendance
  • Unforeseen Work  Commitment (Part-Time/Distance Learning/PG students only)
  • Unforeseen representation of County or Country at Sport
  • Active Exercise of Citizenship
  • Unforeseen Major Transport Difficulties
  • Victim of Criminal Activity

Accepting an extenuating circumstances claim is at the discretion of the School Extenuating Circumstances Panel.

What is not considered to be an extenuating circumstance?

There are a number of areas that are not considered as valid extenuating circumstances.  These include general pressure of academic work as you are expected to have planned your work schedule, and personal computer/IT device problems, as you are expected to have taken adequate precautionary measures e.g backups and checking compatibility with University systems.  Religious observance is not viewed as a valid extenuating circumstance as such issues are not unforeseen; students should instead discuss with the School whether a ‘special provision’ claim can be made for an assessment.

How do I make a claim?

If extenuating circumstances occur and you anticipate that these will cause a delay in submitting your work or prevent attendance at an examination, you will need to submit an Extenuating Circumstances Claim and appropriate evidence to your School(s).  You should submit your claim as soon as you become aware of the problem and prior to the examination and/or coursework deadline.    The claim form can be accessed within e-vision, by logging into the KLE.

Claims may also be accepted after the coursework deadline or examination, providing that they are submitted before the meeting of the relevant Discipline Examination Panel (where marks are confirmed).  Schools will provide you with its deadlines for ECs submission either by email, on notice boards or via the KLE.

Do not delay the submission of your form because you have to wait for a piece of evidence if this means that you will miss the School’s submission deadline (though you will need to tell the School when you will be able to hand the evidence in).

Claims submitted by the deadline will be considered by the School Extenuating Circumstances Panel .  You will be informed of the decision at the earliest opportunity once the Panel has met.

Further Information and Support

Detailed information on extenuating circumstances criteria, the claims process and evidence requirements can be found in the ‘Student Guide to Extenuating Circumstances’ which can be downloaded from the link below

Advice and support in making a claim can also be sought from your Personal Tutor, School Office, Student Support and Development Services and ASK in KeeleSU.