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As a campus university, Keele has over 3,000 bedrooms on site with a range of accommodation available and all within a short walk of the centre of campus. To keep up with demand, additional accommodation is being built on campus to over a range of social spaces and types of room to suit students’ needs.

Barnes Hall

Barnes Hall

Hawthorns Hall

Hawthorns Hall

Horwood Hall

Horwood Hall

Lindsay Hall

Lindsay Hall

Holly Cross & The Oaks Hall

Holly Cross & The Oaks Hall



Our accommodation is a great place to live and study.  We have a range of room prices and options to suit everyone.

Your Accommodation Booklet 2017/18

Download your booklet Living at Keele 2017/18

Contact us

The Student Accommodation Office is in the Darwin Building (Entrance B). We are a friendly and helpful team who aim to make your stay at Keele as enjoyable as possible. If you experience any problem or have any concerns do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4.45 pm (except bank holidays)

How to Apply 2017/18

Date What Happens When
February Applicants begin to apply for accommodation
31st May Deadline for UK & EU students accommodation applications
2nd August onwards Accommodation allocated to deferred and unconditional applicants and offers sent via e-mail
17th August onwards Accommodation allocated to Firm and/or Insurance applicants (after examination results confirmed)
18th August onwards Clearing applicants apply for accommodation
20th September New international/EU arrivals day (including Postgraduate)
23rd September Home students arrivals day (including Postgraduate and Nursing & Midwifery)

If you are interested in living on campus during your first year at Keele, you can see a range of accommodation at one of our Open or Offer Holder Days.  If you are unable to come to Keele on one of these days.

For new students starting a course between September 2017 and June 2018, the online application will be available from February 2017. You can only apply for accommodation after you have formally accepted your place at Keele as follows:

  • If your application to Keele was made through UCAS you will need to select your Firm and Insurance choice Universities – see accepting your offer through UCAS
  • If you made a direct application, you will need to complete and return the acceptance/fee classification form which was sent with your offer to Keele.

We recommend that you apply as soon as you receive your invitation e-mail from the Keele Admissions Team. Please note it can take 48 hours for your record to be updated once you accept your offer of a place at Keele so you will need to wait before completing your online accommodation application.

We allocate our bedrooms in a particular order.

If campus accommodation is not available, there is advice on our website including adverts for local properties available for students.

We will do our best to meet your requirements, however we cannot guarantee that you will receive your first preference of room type. It is therefore important that you complete all sections of the accommodation application form indicating your 2nd and 3rd preferences – these should be of different room types.  Do not select a room type that you would not be prepared to accept.

Please check your course dates and pick the occupancy period that best fits your requirements as some courses may require you to be at Keele over the Easter Vacation, e.g. Medicine, Physiotherapy and Social Work – for these you will need a 37 week occupancy.

In order to accommodate as many Freshers as possible, a number of rooms are set aside each year for 2 students to share on a temporary basis.

If you are holding an unconditional place, you will be amongst the first group to receive an offer of accommodation.

If your admission to Keele is conditional upon examination results, your application for accommodation will be considered after your results are released and upon confirmation from UCAS of your acceptance.

Those students who choose Keele as their firm choice are given priority for University accommodation for the first year of their study, as will those whose home is outside of the UK.  Students who have special requirements and are supported in their application by Disability Support or who are coming to Keele from care, will be offered campus accommodation for the duration of their course.  University accommodation for students after their first year of study is subject to availability only. Rooms are allocated in a random order.