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Investing in the future

As the UK’s largest campus-based university we plan to continue to invest in our infrastructure and the wider community to provide the facilities and services of a leading international university.

Barnes Development

Plans are now in motion for an exciting new development of student residences at Barnes Hall on campus. We’re investing in two new high quality, sustainable halls, to add to our stock of student accommodation.

High quality, sustainable halls

Our new development at Barnes Hall of Residence is an exciting investment in our student accommodation and forms part of our commitment to deliver a world class student experience.


  • The development will add high quality, sustainable halls of residence to our accommodation stock
  • It will provide a higher number of en-suite bedrooms in response to student demand and over-subsciption for en-suite bedrooms
  • The additional 453 bedrooms will be clustered together (in groups of 6 -8 en-suite rooms with double beds) boasting large open plan social spaces, with fully-fitted kitchens, dining and lounge areas.
  • The state-of-the-art buildings will be designed for accessibility and inclusive of all
  • They will have lift access, a laundry room and welfare meeting rooms
  • Each lounge will benefit from a double width / double height window offering excellent views of our picturesque campus
  • Our investment means we will have a broader stock of campus accommodation to offer our future student community, to suit a wide range of budgets and needs
  • We’ll be working with our current students to develop the detailed designs of the new halls, so they can have a positive and creative impact on our future student community