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The UCL Institute of Education, a graduate college of the University of London until December 2014, is now a school of University College London. Mirroring this change, IOE Press changed its name to UCL IOE Press in February 2016. In this new role we remain passionate about furthering education in its broadest sense, for all, and supporting those who make it possible. Our work is rooted in a commitment to truth, critical reason, and social justice. It is through the Institute’s independent voice and unique breadth and depth of specialism, across the foundation disciplines of education, the social sciences, and the humanities, that we are able to make an exceptionally rich and insightful contribution to this vital endeavour.

In Professor Richard Aldrich’s account of the history of the Institute, The Institute of Education 1902-2002: A Centenary History (IOE Press: 2002), he notes that:

‘The period between the formation of the Institute of Education in 1932 and the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 was of great importance. Advanced work was developed, a Commonwealth and broader international role assumed, prestigious lectures and publications initiated…’

Aldrich demonstrates how the Institute has always had a strong commitment to sharing knowledge through public engagement and publishing in and for education. Since then, our publishing programme has expanded and our books are available worldwide through a network of trusted partners.

UCL IOE Press is a university press that aims to meet the needs of UK and international practitioners, students, and scholars while complementing the Institute’s mission to pursue excellence in education and related areas of social science and professional practice. Innovation and quality underpin all of our work, and our books receive regular attention in the media, ensuring that UCL IOE Press is able to position our authors and their work at the heart of contemporary debate contributing to knowledge, developing practice, and generating impact.

While UCL IOE Press is a relatively new university press, as Aldrich underlines, our commitment to publishing the best books in education and social research extends back to the origins of the IOE itself.


Trentham Books

In 2012, UCL IOE Press acquired Trentham Books to join our growing publishing programme as an imprint. It was founded by educationalists Professor John Eggleston and Dr Gillian Klein in their spare time and grew out of the practitioners’ journal they set up in 1982 on multicultural education, now called Race Equality Teaching, which Gillian still edits. Gillian continues as the Publisher of Trentham Books, securing the legacy of this unique and valued imprint.

Trentham Books is at the leading edge of education and social justice. It publishes groundbreaking books and has blazed a trail in developing educational provision for bilingual learners, refugee children, Travellers, and other minorities, and in challenging bigotry and discrimination in schools and society.

Trentham Books has attracted big names such as Harold Rosen, Tariq Modood, Lynn Davies, and Jim Cummins. But it is the many first-time authors who add so much to its distinctive character, from Robin Richardson’s Daring to be a Teacher (1990), to Kehinde Andrews’s account of Saturday schools, Resisting Racism (2013). Were it not for Trentham Books, many significant voices would not be heard.

Trentham has won awards for both its design and content from, among others, the TES, NASEN, the Standing Conference of Studies in Education, and the Independent Publishers Guild. In 2009, Gillian was awarded an honorary doctorate for ‘Trentham’s services to education’.

Children’s Literature about Refugees New

A catalyst in the classroom

  • Julia Hope

Julia Hope describes her study on how primary school teachers use certain picturebooks and storybooks that relate refugee children’s experiences, so that young refugees feel validated and their classmates can understand something of what they’ve been through. It gives teachers both pedagogical support and the resources to tackle this urgent topic.

Price: £19.99


Preventing Dropout

Lessons from Europe

  • Christopher Arnold
  • Tracey Baker

Across Europe, the number of young people dropping out of education, training or employment is cause for concern. Case studies from five countries – the UK, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Ireland – reveal the significant benefits from early identification of, and proactive intervention with, the groups most vulnerable to dropout.

Price: £23.99


Civil Society Organizations in Turbulent Times

A gilded web?

  • Linda Milbourne
  • Ursula Murray

Why have civil society organizations become trapped in a gilded web of privatized, neo-liberal arrangements, reinforcing the systems they were established to reform? Drawing on research from diverse fields, this book aims to reawaken the critical voices that could challenge the growing inequalities and failures of current social systems.

Price: £22.99


Family Jigsaws

Grandmothers as the missing piece shaping bilingual children’s learner identities

  • Mahera Ruby

The book is the first to reveal the ability of young bilinguals to become flexible learners, and the first to show how it is their interactions with their grandmothers – who often speak no English – that most enhance and extend their educational and cultural experiences. The implications for policy, practice and pedagogy are profound.

Price: £20.99


Juggling Higher Education Study and Family Life

  • Louise Webber

Women with families face particular challenges when they undertake Higher Education, such as coping with the demands of study, new family routines, and the changed identity when mother becomes student. This book is a valuable guide for women in similar situations, and will enhance the understanding of tutors, lecturers and policymakers.

Price: £19.99


Invisibly Blighted

The digital erosion of childhood

  • Sandra Leaton Gray
  • Andy Phippen

This book is a manifesto for a different digital future for children, in which their rights are respected and their identities are free. Aimed at anyone who has sensed the cultural shift in childhood currently taking place, this book helps readers think more deeply about what it means to be a child in the digital world today.

Price: £19.99


Harold Rosen

Writings on life, language and learning, 1958–2008

  • John Richmond

Harold Rosen was a leader of thought in the world of English teaching in the second half of the twentieth century. He and his colleagues forged and sustained a new understanding of the purpose and possibilities of the subject English within the school curriculum. This tribute to Rosen’s life and work contains over 50 pieces of his writing.

Price: £24.99


Movement Environment Rating Scale (MOVERS) for 2–6-year-olds provision

Improving physical development through movement and physical activity

  • Carol Archer
  • Iram Siraj

Physical development is a key component of the curriculum but so far there has been no valid means of assessing the pedagogical or environmental quality of the child’s physical experience. The Movement Environment Rating Scale (MOVERS) does so, using the methodology established by the popular ECERS-E and SSTEW rating scales.

Price: £14.99


A Chemical Passion

The forgotten story of chemistry at British independent girls’ schools, 1820s–1930s

  • Marelene Rayner-Canham
  • Geoff Rayner-Canham

In this groundbreaking work the authors reveal that from the 1820s to the 1930s chemistry teaching flourished in girls’ independent schools in Britain. The fruit of years of research in the archives of dozens of schools, this rich and multifaceted account reveals the hidden history of a landmark achievement in the education of women.

Price: £26.99


Muslim Mothers and their Children’s Schooling

  • Suma Din

This book brings the voices of Muslim mothers into the discourse on parent–school relations. Over 50 women from a wide range of backgrounds and social class speak about their identities, experiences and challenges as they choose state schools and support their children through their education in Britain. Essential reading for teachers.

Price: £24.99


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