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The UCL Institute of Education, a graduate college of the University of London until December 2014, is now a school of University College London. Mirroring this change, IOE Press changed its name to UCL IOE Press in February 2016. In this new role we remain passionate about furthering education in its broadest sense, for all, and supporting those who make it possible. Our work is rooted in a commitment to truth, critical reason, and social justice. It is through the Institute’s independent voice and unique breadth and depth of specialism, across the foundation disciplines of education, the social sciences, and the humanities, that we are able to make an exceptionally rich and insightful contribution to this vital endeavour.

In Professor Richard Aldrich’s account of the history of the Institute, The Institute of Education 1902-2002: A Centenary History (IOE Press: 2002), he notes that:

‘The period between the formation of the Institute of Education in 1932 and the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 was of great importance. Advanced work was developed, a Commonwealth and broader international role assumed, prestigious lectures and publications initiated…’

Aldrich demonstrates how the Institute has always had a strong commitment to sharing knowledge through public engagement and publishing in and for education. Since then, our publishing programme has expanded and our books are available worldwide through a network of trusted partners.

UCL IOE Press is a university press that aims to meet the needs of UK and international practitioners, students, and scholars while complementing the Institute’s mission to pursue excellence in education and related areas of social science and professional practice. Innovation and quality underpin all of our work, and our books receive regular attention in the media, ensuring that UCL IOE Press is able to position our authors and their work at the heart of contemporary debate contributing to knowledge, developing practice, and generating impact.